Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Friday we decided to pack up and visit our cousins in Chicago.  The kids were excited to get to see family members they have heard so much about, but never met.  They were also excited to add two more states to their "been to" status.  Before our move to Ohio they had each only been to a few states.  Now they are national travelers!

The drive to Chicago was pretty uneventful and blah.  Layla and Hayden were great travelers and Gary and I are so proud of them.  I know sitting in a car for hours isn't fun, but they made the best of it!  The kids were shocked by all the wind turbines in Indiana.  Other than that Indiana was pretty gray for March.  I'm sure the state would have been prettier in the spring.  Once we got into Illinois the kids were starting to get really excited to be close to our destination.  We were all so happy to be out of the car!

I was thrilled Saturday morning to get to go to Target for the first time since November.  That's crazy huh?  I have been having some serious Target withdrawal.  I wanted to go hog wild, but I tried to behave myself and not wreck our checkbook.  I did score tons of Easter goodies, if you know what I mean!   

Saturday afternoon the kids were thrilled to actually participate in an egg hunt at church.  Remember last time we tried an egg was over before we got there.  Well, this egg hunt was 'the best ever', and those were words right out of Hayden's mouth!

After the egg hunt we all went out to a delicious family lunch and then we hung out all afternoon and then grilled some good food for dinner.  Our kids had so much fun with their cousins and it was almost as if we all have been together once a month for years instead of just meeting.  You know?!?  Our families got along so well together.  We all have great kiddos!

Sunday morning the kids all woke up and the Easter bunny visited!

I love all their sleepy faces!  It was a very special and fun Easter weekend!

We just got home a little bit ago after making the road trip home.  We had a fun Easter dinner (including strawberry cheesecake) as a family of four at a steakhouse near Cleveland.  We are all super sleepy and thankful we are home safe.  We can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning and go get our puppies from their mini vacation.

Happy Easter!  
We are so thankful for Jesus all the blessing in our lives!

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