Thursday, March 14, 2013

This n that on Thursday

Gary is back from his week long trip! Yay! The kids woke up last night when he got home. They were so happy to see him.

My laptop battery was delivered and the stinking thing still won't charge. Grrrr! I'm thinking the cord must be the problem, so I guess I'll order one. I discovered chew marks on part of the cord. I wonder who might have done the chewing?

Hayden dropped his 'iPod touch' this morning and shattered the screen. He was so upset. It made me so sad to see him so upset. Poor guy. The phone is so old. I think it was my first iPhone and it's old and so slow. It doesn't have phone service, but he uses it here at home with Wi-fi. It seems we are having some technological difficulties lately.

Have you had an iPhone screen replaced? It is expensive? I hate to put money into an old phone ya know?!

Layla went on a field trip to the college yesterday. She got to hold petrified dinosaur poop. I bet you are jealous! She had an awesome time with her classmates. I'm happy she is making some fun school memories. Tonight she has her second dance class. She woke up so excited about it!

I'm making cream cheese chicken in the slow cooker tonight since we have a busy night. I'm already thinking about dinner and can't wait to eat it!

I have another chicken recipe I recently made in the slow-cooker. I will share it soon, because I loved it. I need the pictures from my laptop!!

Happy Thursday from cold Ohio!

Aheemm....mother need to get your act together. It is March and I need sun!

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Lauren said...

YAY for daddy being home!!!!! :)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i love ur family! i want to be like y'all!

and i am sure one of my kids would be envious of the poop! haha

Traci said...

I had a shattered iPhone screen but when it shattered the phone died with it so there was no repair. I see signs all over town saying it's only $10.

Emily said...

Poor Hayden. I haven't done this personally, but apparently you can buy a screen replacement kit that is a relatively easy DIY project.