Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday night fun!

Gary fell victim to the terrible stomach bug this week. Poor guy. He was in bed for a day and a half. I still can't believe he got it almost 2 weeks after we did.

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but we all know I'm a little crazy! I think both of our dogs got the stomach bug too. The day after Layla got sick Lily didn't eat all day long and she threw up. The SAME thing happened with Daisy when Gary was sick. I'm not even kidding!! I think it's crazy. Layla wouldn't touch Daisy the past few days because she was worried she'd get sick! I wonder if dogs can get our germs?!

Friday after work Gary finally felt good enough to eat a good meal. We decided to take the kids out to dinner at the Townhouse. It's a fun little 'hole in the wall' place.  There were kids everywhere. They were playing darts and laughing and having a fun time.  It was a loud and fun place.

  I had a great grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. Ahhhhh bacon! Mmmmmm!

Layla devoured a cheeseburger.  I captured the best picture of her.  It makes me giggle.

I'm thankful we are all healthy again. I'm telling you what....we've had more sickness since we moved here to Ohio.  It's crazy. I'm ready for some health in this house. We rarely got sick in Texas.  I know it was just our time and it's just a coincidence that it's happening since we moved.

But sheesh.... My hands are so dry and cracking because I wash them all.the.time.  I've tried every single lotion on the market, so if you need some lotion come on over.  I could open my own drugstore with my hand lotion supply.

Bring on Springtime! Yes, I realize I say the same thing about spring time in every post. Haha! I might be ready! This time last year we were getting the trailer ready to camp.  Our little clan is ready to camp here in Ohio. We're can't wait to camp and explore our new state!

Happy March y'all!

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Joy@WDDCH said...

Oh I hate the dry hands!!! I have them, too! I have been using some balm my husband has that works wonders which reminds me of Vaseline in texture (I've used Vaseline as well, which works). I've even used Neosporin (which works but that gets expensive!). The lotions make the dryness burn on me.