Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pity party Saturday

I'm a little sad that I chose today of all days to be internally grouchy. I felt like the motivational coach inside of me that normally snaps me out of weird feelings just wasn't there today. You know when you're playing golf and you hit a bad shot and you're able to brush it off and you ace the next shot. I just couldn't seem to brush it off today. Since I couldn't brush it off I was forced to think about why I was cranky. I thought about it and processed it and that was good for me.

I made sure to put on a happy face for the kids. I didn't want to spread my bad mood. I made the afternoon fun because we had to take advantage of the 60 degree day! We went to the park and stayed for hours. The kids each made two new friends.

But.... NONE of that happened until after I cleaned for hours. I cleaned and organized like a mad woman and I even unpacked a few boxes too. The kids helped me re-organize their rooms and the entire playroom. They each tried on clothes and we're donating all the pieces that they don't want or don't fit anymore. My mood was good for something huh? I managed to get all our spring cleaning done, so maybe this mood was on purpose!

Really though, I need this house to feel more like home.

The sun was shining bright and the weather was a perfect day for this climate. It wasn't good enough for my mood because I was pouting. Mostly pouting because I'm ready for the sun and a house.

One of my favorite memories of my house in Texas was the front room. That room was our home office. The day after we closed on our brand new home I stood in that empty office smelling the fresh paint and new carpet. As I stood there and felt the sun shining through the freshly Windexed windows I was grateful. The sun poured in the windows and through the blinds. I love the sun and I loved that feeling and knew I'd never forget that moment. What's the point you ask?

When the sun shines here we don't get much sun in our house. One side of our house is so close to the next house there is no way the sun can shine in. The other side faces the hill as we are in a valley. I miss seeing the sun set. I miss seeing it rise. { I do not miss the 100 degree August heat! } This part of the country is beautiful because it is so mountainous. Our part of Texas was flat and this scenery is better. Ohio is beautiful and I am really starting to anticipate spring. I think once spring is in full swing I'll be good.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am grateful for each day and each new beginning. I know things can't be the way they were in Texas and I am experiencing real feelings and adjusting to our new environment. I'll never have my Texas house here in Ohio, but I have hope that I'll find something I'll like better than what I have now. Our current house isn't terrible, but it's different. I am excited about being able to paint and hang pictures and buy a new comforter for all our beds. We want a place of our own again!

I am a very optimistic person and I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm thankful for my bad/off days because they are rare. Having a grouchy day reminds me of how many good days I really have! And to be honest I have tried really really hard to like this house, but I just can't like it.

I know one day we'll look back and remember this house and how it was our first house in Ohio. We'll continue to make more awesome memories here. One day I'll miss living on this street because it is a really awesome area with tons of great people.

Tonight I'll go to sleep knowing tomorrow is a new day and I'll start tomorrow with a clean house thanks to pity party Saturday!

P.S. The picture placement in this post is making me cringe, but my laptop battery is out of juice. Soooo. It is what it is and my OCD will have to deal with it.


Love from Texas said...

I know I said this when I heard y'all were moving, but I had these same days when we moved here! It gets much better with time. It took about 2 years, but I now feel like this is really Home. It's nice to go back to TN to visit, but I really feel like I'm out of town when we're there now. I'm always grateful to get back here :

Kelli W said...

I have days like that too...way too often lately! I have been in a rut lately and somehow pity parties seem to make it better! I love your attitude about the rough days! I need to be more like that:)