Friday, April 26, 2013

another awesome field trip & picture overload

I posted about one of Hayden's preschool field trips earlier this week.  It was really fun, but I think the field trip to the High School Career Center took first prize.  The kids had a great time and so did the parents!

Once we arrived at the career center the kids got name badges just like the high school kids prepping for college.  They also got a pencil and these awesome glasses.

After everyone had identification the kids got to being the tour of the school.  The first stop was the cosmetology classroom.  The girls got their nails painted and the boys decided to get their hair spiked up.  Hayden was thrilled to have a pretty girl doing his hair.  They even painted the tips with hair paint.

He thought he was the coolest kid ever with his hair-do!

His friends had their hair done too!

Next stop was the landscaping department.  The kids got to see how high school students study to be golf course managers and landscape engineers.

Hayden loved the putting green and loved learning about how to make the grass 'putting green' ready!

The next classroom was all about the medical field.

The students picked the kids up on this net and moved them to a wheelchair just like they do in hospitals and nursing homes.  The kids were so so so excited about this.  It was cute to see their excited faces.

Once the kids were in the wheelchairs they got to have wheelchair races!

Finally the last stop of the tour was the sports medicine department.

The prechoolers got to participate in an obstacle course.

Hayden was running like the wind in this shot, so it is blurry.

The huge workout balls were so stinkin' fun!  The kids played SimonSays with the balls and then they got to free play with the giant green balls.  They were rolling all around the room and us parents were laughing so hard.

Our preschool kids felt really special having the high school students hang out with them.  I think the high school kids had fun too the preschoolers definitely made them laugh too.  Hayden told me more than once that it was the 'best day ever!'

I am so happy to have found Hayden's preschool.  He has learned so much and I am thankful for his social and educational development over the last few months.  We received his acceptance letter into the kindergarten program here in our new town.  I just know Hayden is going to love school and now we know he is officially ready to attend!

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Jillian said...

That is so awesome!! I hope Emerson gets to go on field trips next year!!