Saturday, April 20, 2013

snail obsessed

The kids are loving their pet snails.  Hayden is showing me what the snail does with his eyes.  "His eyes go in and out mom!"

Hayden caught a snail and we kept it in a plastic storage container covered with press n seal wrap. I think we threw away all our fun bug containers when we moved.  The kids were thrilled when I brought home these fun critter keepers.  I decided to get Layla and Hayden each their own container and I'm glad I did. We currently have 5 snail friends!

Hayden is the master of the largest snail and Layla is owns the smaller slimy friends.

It really is cute to see the kids clean the cages, replace the grass and water the snails.

Every single day is an adventure in our house...I love it!

I found these awesome containers at Toys R Us!

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