Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sundaes on Sunday

We had baked tacos for dinner.  Baked tacos are the best!  The best dessert served with Mexican food would be sopapillas, but I didn't come through with those.  The kids wanted pudding.

  Pudding really is the best dessert.  We used Aldi pudding cups and we topped them with lite cool whip, sprinkles and a cherry.

I think that is the best Sunday dessert ever!


Elaine said...

I made Smittten Kitchen's homemade chocolate pudding 2 weeks ago, it was soo good, a little runny after 2 days, but still good. I just needed to cook it a little longer, but chocolate soup isn't a bad thing, it was delicious over strawberries! Use good chocolate chips, and you will be in heaven. I used Ghiradelli semi-sweet, or however you spell it.

Jillian said...

What a great idea!!!