Sunday, April 7, 2013

we had a fun spring weekend

We started our weekend on Friday night by attending a birthday party for one of our friends here in our new town.  The party was a scavenger hunt.  All the kids at the party broke off into groups and had a list of fun things to conquer before returning to the pizza place!

It was so much fun.  I loved it because every step of the scavenger hunt had to be photographed.  I was all over that!!  haha!  The party was so fun and it was a great way to start the weekend!

Saturday morning we got up early for Hayden's soccer game.  It started at 9:00 and it was cold!

I sat in my chair the entire game covered in a blanket.  Brrrrr!  The sun was shining, but it was still really cool outside.  

Hayden's hands were so cold!  He fell down while going for the soccer ball and another player accidentally stepped on his hand.  

I felt so bad for him.  He was so upset.  Poor guy.

Daddy made it all better.  

Gary was standing on the opposite side of the field, but Hayden found him and cried it out.

After a quick drink and a break he was back out on the field ready to play!

It is so funny watching these kids play.  They are all over the place and they all seem to fall down or trip at the some time.  They look like dominoes falling in perfect rhythm.   Hayden does seem to understand a few fundamentals the coach teaches them.  Hopefully he will stick with soccer and enjoy playing in the future.  Right now he just likes to see how fast he can run up and down the field.


After soccer Hayden was starving.  He ate 3 brownies and drank a whole glass of milk.  He worked up quite the appetite!

Sunday afternoon we played at the park.

The weather was amazing!

Hayden had another soccer game on Sunday afternoon.

I'm not sure what they are looking at on the sideline.  They are all so cute!  They make me laugh.  Four year old soccer is quite comical.

Layla enjoyed herself at the game, can you tell?  I think she was a little bored.  She used Hayden's soccer ball as a pillow.  She was a bit whiny about having to watch his game.  I finally had to remind her that she played soccer once and Hayden had to watch her at every practice and every game.  I think she is leaning towards playing again!  She won't be able to play until the fall, but I hope she still wants to by then.  I love watching her play soccer!

The weather was grilling weather!  70 degrees and sunny.  It was a bit windy which made me cold throughout the day, but it was still nice to see the sun and fell the warmth!  I love grilled jalapenos! I ate so many of them.

The kids requested cheeseburgers on the grill.  Gary made his burger super tall.  The kids thought it was so funny!  I'm not sure how he ate this tall burger, but he smashed it down and ate it up!  We had pea salad, baked fried okra and baked beans with our burgers.  It was a great spring meal.  

Layla saw a show on TV and they were making a coconut cream pie.  I thought we should make one for dessert.  We bought cheater pie ingredients.  We used a graham cracker crust, coconut Jello pie filling and frozen whipped cream.  Well....I didn't read the directions on the pudding container.  Layla and I mixed up the pudding and poured it right into the pie crust.  Gaahhhh!  It didn't get firm and was still soupy.  I grabbed the box out of the trash and realized we were supposed to boil the pudding mix.  I tried to fix my mess up, but the pie was still soupy. I'm sure it will be just fine if it sits overnight.  The piece the kids sampled was coconut cream soup. 

Everyone was ready for bed early.  The weekend packed with fun activities wore our family out!  I'm thankful for springlike temperatures and all the fun sunny activities to come!  The spring weather  is also making me excited to house hunt.  Whether we buy or rent I am ready for a house with a bigger yard so we can cook and grill and play outside all summer long.

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Traci said...

What a fun weekend. I think we've skipped spring. It was 87 yesterday.