Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday afternoon golf and soccer

Hayden and Layla wanted to hit a few golf balls with dad today, so we took them to the local driving range.

Hayden was laughing so hard because he hit the tractor (while it was driving around) that retrieves the hit balls.  

Layla was concentrating so hard.  I love her intense looks!

I love my people!

After golf we grabbed lunch, went to the flea market and then headed to Hayden's soccer game.

Hayden did great at first and then he go so tired.  He was very aggressive and was on fire, but it wore off.  The poor guy was ready to leave halfway through the game.

I laughed when I saw him and his friend just chatting it up on the side line.

He was supposed to be playing goalie.  He caught a glimpse of me taking pictures and he started hamming it up.

We had a great family day today enjoying the warm spring weather!

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