Thursday, January 23, 2014

celebrating dad's 40th

As you know birthday celebrations in our house are always special and we like to make a big deal of them.  The kids get to pick the restaurant or meal they want that night and they also get to chose their cake flavor of the year.  Well, the adults get to do this also.  We are the ones who started it with our families before we had these two munchkins.

Anyway, Gary choose steak for his meal, here at home.

Andddd he picked cookie cake.  I'm awful at cookie cake, but I vow to make it better next year.  Once again this year, like last year, I had to toss the pan in the garbage after we ate what we wanted of the cookie.  I didn't even decorate it.

We just cut off slices of cookie and dipped it into the frosting.  Ahhhh!  It tasted the same, but dang what a mess.  I was frustrated as all get out!  Gary didn't care and the kids thought the whole thing was hilarious.  I have always said 'A baker I am NOT!'  

Hey, enough is enough though.  I have 364 days to practice this cookie cake thing until next year.  I will be sharing my failed cookies in hopes of conquering it before next year.  Pshhhh.  My luck he will request a different cake next year.  Heeeheeeheee!  

We had a fun night with dad as he gets ready to board a plane to Punta Cana.  Yep, a Pub Crawl and a weekend getaway to The Dominican Republic.  I'd say he's bringing in 40 just right.

Happy 40th Gary!

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