Monday, January 27, 2014

don't toss the brown bananas

My family will not eat a banana that looks like this.  Will yours?
Personally I don't judge a banana by it's peel.  I love them sorta soft.

When they are too brown for the family I will save a few for myself and peel the rest.  

Then I slice them up and throw them into a baggie!

I put one banana in each baggie for portion control.  

Finally I throw them into the freezer and later once frozen I add them to smoothies!  The kids are smoothie obsessed right now.  A baggie of banana blended with a handful of strawberries and some orange juice =  the best breakfast smoothie ever.  It's kid approved!

So, don't throw away your brown bananas!!

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Joy@WDDCH said...

It's very good to eat them when they're brown. Research has shown the really yellow, firm bananas are not helpful in reducing cancer but ones you let ripen and soften more ARE helpful in preventing cancer. COOL!

I make banana bread with my brown bananas. YUM! I like the idea of freezing them. I may try that!