Friday, January 24, 2014

chicken tamale casserole pin gone right, oh so right!

We have had so many school delays due to the weather.  It's been very frigid or snowy this entire month.  When I know I'm home all day I want to make something fun and different for dinner.  Soooo, I get on pinterest and search for ideas!  Pinterest is so very fun.  I found a great recipe to help pass the 'snow day' down time.  As you know, I enjoy being in the kitchen.  Sometimes the kids play together so well I get bored.  I have a problem.  When I get bored I cook.

Also another excuse to cook:  using the oven warms this old farm house kitchen.

I found this chicken tamale casserole recipe. 

I followed it pretty much except I made a few changes.  It's snowing and cold and I didn't have a can of creamed corn.  There is no way I was leaving to get a can, so I put a can of whole kernel corn in the blender and added heavy cream to it.  Viola...creamed corn.  I added a can of chopped green chilis to it for flavor.  Also I must note because of the heavy cream I cut the milk called for in the recipe in half.  I used 4 cooked chopped chicken breasts and I'm not sure if they equaled 3 cups of chicken, but the recipe was amazing anyway.  

Otherwise I followed the recipe.  Ahhhh!  It is OUTSTANDING!

  I am a tamale lover and one of my life long goals is to make tamales from scratch.  Gary and I both want to do this.   For now, this recipe satified my tamale craving.  

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