Monday, August 2, 2010

hot monday

Holy moly check out that crazy HOT forecast.
I am perspiring just thinking about how hot it is gonna get this week. 

Too cool off I am going to be eating a ton of salsa.  It is safe to say I am addicted.

This is my personal chef.  He is awesome, and per my request he spent all day on Saturday cooking this brisket.  He took it off the pit at 10:30 pm before we went to bed. 

We ate it yesterday with cole slaw.  Yummers! 
 I will be snacking on it all week.

I found a lovely bread maker at a garage sale on Saturday morning. I have been looking for one for months!!  The sweet lady said she used it twice. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a bread maker, because we don't eat that much bread.  BUT, you know me...I love trying new things in the kitchen.  So, I am gonna give it a whirl.  Any tips you have are greatly appreciated.  I bought whole wheat flour and am about to sit down with a cup of coffee and read the manual.  I really do mean what I say when I say ... I have NO IDEA what I am doing.

I can't see straight thinking about that forecast.  108?  Ridiculous!

Stay cool y'all!

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Kelli W said...

Good grief! 108! Now I am kind of scared to even look at our forecast! I bet you are going to have so much fun with that bread maker! We made homemade jelly this weekend, and we told the boys we would make some homemade bread and peanut butter to have real homemade PB&J!

Kelli said...

That forecast is crazy...try to stay cool as best you can. I can see why you're addicted to's good stuff. My hubby would be so jealous right now if he knew you had brisket to snack on all week. I'm making pull pork this week :)

Anonymous said...

Stay cool this week. What a sweet hubby to grill for you! Oh how I love BBQ!!

Lacey said...

Holy crap! that's scary!

Carrie said...

Yikes...that is HOT! It is up to 90 again today...and I'm suffocating with that! Salsa sounds like a great way to deal with it though! haha! ;)

And that food is making me hungry! i love bread! Can't wait to see what you come up with...I know it will be tasty! Definitely stay cool!

Ivy said...

It's so hot here too and the humidity just makes it unbearable! My poor husband is in the roofing business and then Dad is a welding contractor so I feel bad for even complaining!

shortmama said...

We actually enjoyed a couple of cooler days but with super high humidity so it was "juicy" outside! Today was back to hot!

Krissy said...

We had temperatures reach 108 not too long ago. It was terrible. I think it's supposed to be decent this week, which is great. I cant' wait for a normal temperature because my kids need to get outside!! LOL

I participated in Miscellany Monday too if you want to come visit us. :)

Heather said...

It is so stinking hot here!! The humidity just sucks the life right out of you!! Eat some salsa for me!! Looks good!! OH and I can't wait to hear how the breadmaker machine goes!