Saturday, August 21, 2010

i have good news, and bad news...

one day my kids are going to kill me for posting these pictures. 
 I couldn't help but have some fun with them.  And I wasn't alone in this baby daddy helped.
No children were hurt during this photo shoot.

look y'all the good news new glasses came in today. 

the bad news is...we had to sell their pants to get the glasses.

i mean really? 
 could these pictures be any more horrible.
What kind of mom am I to see my kids in night shirts and goggles and grab my camera...who does that?

Their faces are just so silly...some pics they have blank stares, and in then the other pics their eyes are closed.  Ughhh!  so stinkin' funny.

What is really funny is the shirt Layla is wearing while sporting the says "too hot to handle"
 Ummmm yep, that used to be my shirt. I really didn't wear it that often.  Layla saw it in the garage sale stack and decided she needed to sleep in it. "Fireworks on a t-shirt...that is cool mom!!"  

Oh! I just love these little faces. 
I know one day they are going to make fun of me.  Layla is gonna get mad at me and draw horns on my picture...I will love her anyway.  Hayden won't get his way about something and throw darts at my picture, but I will still love him and be his mommy! 

I love kids. 
 I remember what I thought of my parents sometimes and I know my kids will be the same way. 
 I am so glad I chose to be a parent...the best job ever. 


Elaine said...

These are funny, but I've seen worse blackmail pics, so they should still love you :)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

That is fantastic, I would totally grab the camera too!

Kelli W said...

LOL! I love the goggles...byt my favorite part is Layla's shirt! It is even funnier that it used to be yours:) Yesterday Grant was dressed up in his school uniform, cowboy boots, and a camo hat!

Linda said...

LOL! The package reads: Must lose pants to wear goggles.

jules said...

I dont know if my favorite part is the disoriented looks on their faces, or the "too hot to handle shirt," which I noticed straight away.

Cute pups. I had a dog named Harley growing up and he was the best dog ever! I still think of him often!

Heather said...

HA HA ha!! So funny, but these are not horrible pictures! I am sure they love their new googles!! I think its cute for kids to be in just night shirts!!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i swear i thought you were gonna say you were pregnant! haha

Unknown said...

these are funny & you should totally put these into a video montage for when they get married!!! ha!

carissa said...

bahaha!!! awesome! hey, there's no time like the present when it comes to picture taking. so glad you understand that! : )

texasmacks said...

that shirt is priceless! I have more blackmail for my boys than you can imagine!

Lauren said...

HAHA! So funny :)

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

Love those pictures! Glad to know you already know your fate when the kids get a hold of these and you're totally ok with it. I wish I knew what HC was saying... Ha! Precious

shortmama said...

Too funny!