Friday, August 6, 2010

cupcake cottage

I have been dying for a reason to go to The Cupcake Cottage in Fort Worth.  When one of my friends decided to come into town with her girls I knew it would be so fun to go together. Everyone loves cupcakes, and let me tell you...these are so rich and yummy and fresh!  It was a perfect outing for the six of us. 

Here is the best picture I could get before we went in. 
 It was only 9,000 degrees outside, and it is really hard to make kids stand still outside a cupcake shop!  They were so excited, and I was too.

This picture totally makes me laugh.  Layla is so irritated with me.  She was saying "Mommy can you just buy me a cupcake, put your camera away."  And clearly Hayden is ready.  He is in the background pointing at the cupcakes saying, "cake, cake, mommy cake!!"

Hayden picked a Key Lime cupcake, Mia and Macy ate Double Chocolate, and Layla chose Pink Lemonade.  All the flavors were good to me.  Except the Chocolate...I'm not a chocolate fan.  But they all said it was the best chocolate cupcake ever!

Hayden is so not happy in this picture.  I took a bite of his key lime cupcake.  Oh my, he was so upset with momma!  HA!  So I ate the rest of this one and gave him my vanilla cupcake.  The vanilla was really my favorite flavor.

Mia and Macy...two pretty girls...I love them so much!  I am so glad they came for a visit.  I have more fun posts to come about our fun visit with these two.  They may as well be my nieces.

If you live in Fort Worth, or visit, often swing by and grab a cupcake...your taste buds will thank you :)


Kelli said...

Ooh, ooh! I'm not a huge cake fan but I do enjoy a fresh cupcake. That place sounds really yummy and I love your pictures. I'm not a huge chocolate fan either so I would have gotten vanilla or strawberry.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

What a fun place to visit! Key lime does sound fantastic, but I think my little guy would have been a bit irritated, too. In fact, yesterday he took a bite of a sour gummy worm (ICK in my opinion) and started to cry.

Hope you can beat the heat, sounds like a scorcher.

Lauren said...

Yummmm, gotta love a good cupcake!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The cupcake shop looks so cute! What a fun and yummy outing. Happy Friday!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

haha! ur kids faces are priceless! esp hayden b/c you look a bite!
that is soooo something i would do!

i'm not sure we can be friends can you NOT like chocolate?

beckylbranch said...

Cupcake Cottage is literally 1 minute from where I work now! I may have to go get one today!ha..ha..Rae J's has great cupcakes too and it's not too far. I went there at Christmas time and they had eggnog cupcakes! so good!

texasmacks said...

Where is this place!?!?

LeAnna said...

Oh dear, I've been avoiding making key lime cupcakes for two days now (ever since I bought a big bag of key limes on a whim...) but I think I need to cave... :)

Hattie said...

Love that pic of Layla...too cute w/ all that attitude!!! I wish we had a cupcake shop or bakery that sold them near by. That shop looks like an old Taco Bueno or Taco Bell!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

btw-I can't believe you don't like chocolate! I would probably lose a lot of weight if I didn't like it so much! Ha!

Katie said...

Mmm.. I'm gonna have to look this place up. They all sound yummy. We're headed to Arlington for a couple Ranger games in a month and I'm wanting to try Sprinkles in Dallas but this may be closer/easier to get to than going all the way through Ft. Worth into Dallas. The Key Lime really sound good right now.

Heather said...

Um, hello!!! I want to go there!! I love a good cupcake! This place looks so awesome, so glad you were able to go!