Monday, August 9, 2010

miscellany monday


 I painted 40 toenails and 40 fingernails this past week.  All in one night.  It was fun.  When my friend Shelby came to visit I recommended that us moms do manicures and pedicures for fun.  Shelby doesn't paint fingers or toes, so guess who got to...yours truly.  I had to hold my hand super steady to paint those little toes and fingers. And then I painted mine.  It was fun so fun, and the girls giggled and laughed the whole time :)


Sometimes I dream about fried pickles.  They are so good.  I live in the Fort Worth area, and one of my best friends lives in the Dallas area.  Half way for us just happens to be Grapevine.  We both LOVE  I mean really love hot wings and so the best place to meet for us girls is Hooter's.  We enjoy our lunch every time.  We try to do it once a month, but life sometimes gets in the way.  


Have you ever wanted to smack yourself?  I have.

 Recently I purchased this bread maker (I blogged about it last week.) at a garage sale for $7.00.  The sweet lady I bought it from used it one time.  You can tell.  It is spotless.  It was still in the box.  A sweet friend of mine from my hometown sent me a recipe via Facebook {thanks family thanks you} and now I am hooked!  The recipe is AMAZING!!  And now I want to make bread every day. And eat it all by myself while my kids are napping.  But, I can't do that.  It isn't good for my girlish figure.  But I am very happy and will pace myself when I bake a loaf of bread :)


My mother made me this apron and I still wear it!  It is so me.  I love to talk and never shut up, so if the apron fits?!?  I love aprons...they are fun.  I want more aprons.  How is that for randomness!  And why do my posts always end up being about food?  Clearly~I have a problem :)

I am linking my blog to Carissa's today.  To see other random and fun Monday posts head on over to Carissa's blog.  Link up your blog too if you are full of miscellany today.  Everyone is doing it :)

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LeAnna said...

Please share the bread recipe if you can! I'm always looking for a new one. ;)
Love the apron, it's too cute!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Painted toenails? OK (that's a lot of toenails!) Freshly baked bread? Yum.
Fried pickles? ew.

Anonymous said...

It is fun that you girls did a little spa time togther! I am sure the little girls loved it. I have never been to Hooters! lol I have heard though that they are super nice and especially kid friendly!

D said...

I discovered fried pickles after I moved to the South and at first, I had the same reaction as Vivienne, but after I tried it, YUM!!! Too good!!

Unknown said...

I love all the misc. business!!! And fried pickles? I have never tried them but now I think that I must :) And I LOVE hot wings... so I think I need to have some of those now too! Perfect... hahaha I LOVE the fact that you always talk about food!
And I have thought about getting a bread maker before but I think I would be very guilty of the same thing as you... eating a whole warm loaf myself!!

shortmama said...

I just tried fried pickles a couple months ago for the first time and they were so good!

Dorcas said...

Those pickles look delish! As for the bread..I love homemade bread. Its so good. You have a great week!



Heather said...

I love y'alls toes and nails!! Great job! You know, I have never had a fried pickle in my whole life, I think I must be missing out! That apron makes me laugh so hard!!

Emily said...

Nothing wrong with talking about food! ;)

And great job on the nails. Now you have something to fall back on if your mom-gig falls through. lol!

Jocelyn said...

How fun to paint all those nails! I too love fried pickles...especially dipped in ranch! Yum yum!

BARBIE said...

Oh those fingers and toes are precious. How fun!

Fried pickles....I think not!

I once bought a bread maker at a garage sale. I never used it and sold it at another garage sale!

Love the apron!

Have a blessed day!

Hattie said...

I so need that apron too!!! I have a bread maker so you need to post that recipe!!! PLEASE! I love fried pickles too, especially Hooters! YUM!

Kelli said...

I love fried pickles too, but don't have them too often. Not many places up here sell them. I am sure you are enjoying your bread maker...that would be dangerous in our house too. Love the apron...and I love to talk :)

Lauren said...

LOVE fried pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelli W said...

OMG! I love fried pickles! I craved them when I was pregant, and we had to find a good place that had them:) I love the bread machine...we made jelly the other day and I told the boys we might try to make our own bread too just for fun!