Monday, January 3, 2011

miscellany monday

1.  I am freezing today.  I am sitting on the floor right next to the fire and I am still not warm enough! But I love winter and am so thankful for it.  Winter is short around here and before long the hot Texas summer will set in.

2. Today is Layla's last day of Christmas vacation. Wednesday Hayden will return to preschool.  I love having the kids home, so I am a bit sad about the fact that they will be gone to school again. BUT I love my time alone.  I am ready for our routine again.  Layla loves school, so she is ready to see her friends!

3.  I need a new dishwasher. Mine is broken and has been since November.  I am getting really tired of washing dishes by hand.  But you know, the budget and all...ugh!  Hopefully this month I will get a new one.  We have lived in this house for almost 5 years.  The dishwasher is the one the home builder put in brand new.  Why didn't it last longer than this?  If you have a good, quiet dishwasher let me know.  As I said before...I am shopping.

4.  My 5 year old Layla Kate is a tattle tail.  She tells on me, Hayden and Gary. She should be a news reporter.  Seriously. It is wearing me out.  News flash...we are not perfect and one of us adults may or may not saw a bad word here or there.  Hayden repeats those words, and Layla tells on him. Or if Hayden spills something, or throws something.  We know about it.  Fun times I tell you :)

5.  Layla got a new Wii game.  Build a Bear. IT is so annoying. Cute and fun for her, but very annoying.

That is all the miscellancy I have for today.   I am going to enjoy the day with my kiddos.

Happy Monday!

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Shannon said...

Enjoy your last day of vacay with the kids...time just flies doesn' it?!

You need a new dishwasher and we just replaced our downstairs furnace. So much fun, right? Haha!

Have a great one!

Lyryn said...

It's cold here too! I hate the cold. Gosh, I feel like it just makes the day seem so non-productive.

shortmama said...

Definitely have to enjoy the winter while it lasts! I am loving the nice cold AZ weather right now...I know the suffocating heat is just around the corner

Traci said...

As much as I hate the hot, humid, sauna like South Louisiana summers, I REALLY hate this cold weather. I can't seem to get warm. UGH! I am also in the market for a new dishwasher. Mine works but it's original to the house & while that is only 8 yrs. old, it's possibly the cheapest dishwasher ever & it doesn't clean oh so great. I need a quiet one that works great!!!

Elaine said...

My dishwasher is storage for baggies, saran wrap, etc. Let's just say we are in a rent house and rent is cheap. I'd LOVE a dishwasher that worked, but dont' feel right asking for one. I'm soo tired of doing them, but fortunately Lane has been helping out lately since they make me gag, or worse!

Katie said...

Sorry about your dishwasher! I also totally understand what you mean about being cold - it's not even *that* cold here today and I just can't get warm despite bumping up the thermostat a couple times. Wish I had a fireplace it sit next to!

Kelli said...

I'm kind of ready to get back to routine too. Jamison returns to school tomorrow and it's back to getting up early. Good luck with the dishwasher search. Did it break while Gary was out of

Kelli W said...

I was dreading school starting again, but I was also ready to get some routine back! LOL at Layla being a tattle tale...Henry is like that too! Must be an oldest child thing! I don't know how you have managed for 5 months without a dishwasher...I couldn't make it five days!