Tuesday, May 3, 2011

current events we should remember

I feel like there is so much going on in the world today.  It makes my head spin!  I really need to document all these things so the kids can read about it in the years to come.  Layla asks almost daily to read my blog now that she CAN read.  I am thrilled to let her look at old pictures and read the posts.  Documenting all the things that are going on right now will hopefully benefit the kids in the future.  So this post is really just one for our family scrapbook.

.....things in the news Spring 2011.....

The Royal wedding was a huge deal.  
When Layla found out Kate was a princess she wouldn't take her eyes off the TV.


I know the internet is flooded with pictures of Osama bin Laden's picture.  I couldn't bring myself to put a picture of him on my blog.  I am glad the USA took care of business when it came to him. 
He is dead.  That is all.


Layla remembers last year one spring night we were all huddled in the bathroom.  There was a tornado nearby.  The tornadoes that broke out last week were so devastating.  My heart hurts for those effected.


Layla and Hayden may or may not remember these events right now.  But one day they will be able to say they were two and five years old.  It is fun to think back to what I was doing when "such and such" happened.  I didn't always remember every detail, but hopefully this blog will be around for YEARS to come so the kids can peek back and enjoy the randomness!

I am headed to the couch ready to watch The Voice and The Deadliest Catch.  Gary and I watch these shows, but I doubt very seriously the kids ever will.  I can't wait for them to reminisce about shows they watched when they were little. 

I hope you are having a good Tuesday night!

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Ashley E. said...

I've been wanting to put all these events on my blog so I won't forget what else was going on. Good idea! :)