Friday, May 20, 2011

field day & let's jump

Layla's field day was today!  We had a fun time even though it rained.  All the activities were moved indoors.  Phew.  I was disappointed, but everyone still had a blast.  I know each and every student and teacher had to go to bed early tonight.  I am tired and all I did was watch.

After school Layla came home and rested before we went to a birthday party tonight.

The kids had a super fun evening at "Let's Jump"  

Hudson turned 6 years old, and his little brother Levi turned 1 year old.  

Everyone ate pizza & cupcakes and jumped on a bazillion bounce houses and slides.

I would give ANYTHING if this photo weren't fuzzy.  Ugghhh!  I think it is so cute.

I'd also give anything if my two exhausted kids would sleep later than 6:30 in the morning.  They had a long day, so tomorrow would be a great day for us to ALL sleep in!


Amber said...

I sure do miss Field Day as a kid! Looks like they had a blast. I hope they were worn out enough to give you some rest Mama!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Glad she had a fun day!!! :) I'm just loving her sassy, just like Mom haircut!!! :)

Kerbi said...

Glad they were able to move all of the Field Day activities inside! We were lucky and missed the rain for ours!