Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yes, this is a post about water bottles and cups

Check out these crazy water bottles we got for the kids today at Academy.  We go through water bottles like crazy in our house.  I usually buy the cheapie dollar store 'character' bottles for the kids, but they are junk.  I get so sick of them breaking.

The kids love the freedom of having a water bottle in the fridge for them to drink out of whenever they want.  These have a mister.  That would be correct.  I got my 5 1/2 year old & my 2 1/2 year old mist-er water bottles.  They love them.  This means they can spray themselves, the dogs or one another with water.   To stay cool of course. 

You can see the mist in the picture below...Gary helped me photograph these images.  Yes, I do realize this makes us dorky, but I wanted you too see just how cool this bottle is!  For reals...all kids need a water bottle like this.

After Layla's gymnastics class she drenched herself with her mister.  It was so funny.  And annoying.  But it is summertime and it is fun.  

And since we are talking about fun water containers.  This is the cup I got for my birthday.  I love it!

Gary and the kids found this pink cupe for me at Walmart today.  It is so pretty.  It comes in several other colors including blue and green.  This handy dandy cup has some weird gel in between the double no sweat lining. It can be frozen.  How fun is that?  

Oh and I have been known to blog about water bottles in the past.  
You can read about a water bottle I still use all the time by clicking here.

I love water and really want my kids to love drinking water.  
They don't drink near enough of it.  I hope by making it fun they will drink it more often.  
Gotta stay hydrated in this Texas heat. You know?!


LeAnna said...

Very cool! I need to get a few of those neat no-sweat cups. I don't drink near enough agua either!

Heather Fox said...

That mister cup is so cool!! I have the red one from Wally, and I am a huge ice fan, and it just doesn't keep the water cold enough for me, and the ice melts too fast regardless of the frozen gel lining. HA Maybe I am just really picky?

Anonymous said...

Cool bottles!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

those misting ones are totally spiffy! see another reason we should be bestie couples....i'd make him help me with pics too

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Just found your blog! I am so glad you had a good Birthday weekend! Your family is beautiful :) The water bottles are a great idea, especially for people where I live and the temps go into the 100s!

S.Greiner said...

I got the boys some of the camelbak kids water bottles because I too was tired of their's falling apart!!!

Love the one you got...I'm going to have to invest in something for me so I'm encouraged to drink more water!!!

I totally posted about water bottles a month or so ago :)! It's what we do!

texasmacks said...

our A/C is on the fritz and I gotta make it until 4:00 tomorrow before it's fixed. Guess we're going to Academy to get some water bottles to cool off!

Kelli W said...

Those cups are awesome! I need to find some for my boys to take with us to Disney in August...it is going to be HOT!

Fash Boulevard said...

Those water bottles are amazing. I haven't heard of those before. Those are perfect for summer. I also want one of those reusable cups. I have the reusable mugs and I use them all the time. Great post. You kids are adorable. :)

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