Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Harley Barley

It is so sad to see my sweet Harley dog getting older.  She is so quiet and withdrawn lately.  She has had hip and joint issues for almost her whole life and now her pain is really starting to show more as she gets older.  

 This morning while Hayden was playing outside I took a few pictures of Harley.  
Usually Bogey is in the photos too, but since he had his neuter surgery yesterday I made him stay in his kennel.  Poor Bogey.

Harley Barley is my favorite nick-name for her.  She loves rolling in the grass.  She loves running and barking.  It makes me so sad when she runs now she has to come inside and rest.  It wears her out!  Aging pets break my heart, but I always remind myself of the wonderful life she has had since we adopted her from the shelter!  Aren't shelter puppies the sweetest and best pups ever?


Anonymous said...

Yes.....shelter pups are the best! I can so relate with your post; our Trixie will be 15 in February. She is taking 3 different meds, one being for her joints and hips. It seems to help but she is still a bit rickety but her mind is so here! All of our animals are 13 and up. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats...oh wait... we just added another cat a few days ago....15 year old Ziggy who we got from our local shelter. It seems that we have a Senior Center for pets. I love the pictures of Harley rolling in the grass....all frisky and having fun!

Amanda said...

Awww - sweet Harley! I love these pics! Shelter/rescued pups are the best - they just want love :) Thank you for giving her a wonderful home!

Lauren said...

SO sweet!!! You'll look back and be so glad you have these pictures!!!!