Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend update

our weekend was full of activities.  saturday morning started bright and early with a soccer game.  layla scored her first goal EVER and i was so thrilled for her.  the girls played great.  they are getting better with each game they play.

saturday afternoon we celebrated memaw's 75th birthday.

hayden thought she needed some help blowing out her candles.

it cracked me up watching gary try to take pictures of aunt susie, layla, hayden and memaw.  it was a mess.  it was impossible to get a good picture of them so i decided to share a collage of the sillyness.

too much fun i tell ya!

today we made crowns for ourselves and our favorite little friends.
we have watched movies and eaten popcorn.  we REALLY needed today.

it seems like lately our schedule has consisted of go and go faster.  today has been a much needed day of rest.  layla enjoyed a nap with bogey.  poor little puppy dude is having surgery tomorrow.  it is for his own good.  we certainly don't want anymore bogey's running around here!

i hope your weekend was grand!


Melissa said...

Yea for Layla!! Glad y'all had a fun and relaxing weekend!! :)

Kelli said...

SO excited for Layla and her goal. I love that picture of Memaw blowing out her candles...what a celebration.
Hope you all get some rest.

Unknown said...

yay for Layla :o)
i'm glad it was a relaxing weekend for you all!! (those are the best kind)

Traci said...

YAY LAYLA!!! Sounds like y'all had a good weekend. The pictures are so cute!