Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday tids and tads

Happy Thursday & Happy September.

I love September.  This month marks 11 years I have been married to Gary.  I still can't believe I met him in March of 1996.  I have known this man for over 15 years.  That is a long time.

September is the month I usually start cooking soups and Gary makes chili. I'm ready for cold weather food.  Corn bread in front of college football on TV sounds like perfection!

Today I am getting a new dishwasher. I am so stinkin' excited.  Our dishwasher has been on the fritz since January.  We have been washing dishes by hand for way too long.  Sometimes we load the dishwasher and it works.   But today is a fun day for me.  I am dying from the excitement.

Who knew mattresses have a 10 year warranty?  I didn't until I researched my mattress.  So, we also have a man coming today to see if our mattress can be replaced under warranty.  Gary's arms have been falling asleep at night for over a year.  I was worried to death about him.  I begged him to see the doctor.  He did, and he is fine.  Come to find out, it is our mattress.  After I did a bit of research other people have the same complaint. Who knew??  So maybe just maybe we will be getting a new mattress in the days to come.

I am getting a T-shirt with Layla's name and soccer number on my back.  I am officially a soccer mom.  I love it.  She is loving soccer so much, but she is asking to go back to gymnastics also.  I held off on putting her into another activity, but she loves gymnastics so much.  I don't want her to be bogged down with too many activities.  In a month or so I will add gymnastics back into her little life.  I can see it in her eyes in the evenings...she is so tired.   For now rest is more important.  You know?!?

I love this picture.  It's my new favorite!


I read a book y'all!  I am so happy I read The Help!  It really was an amazing book and I cried when I finished it.  If you have been wanting to read it, you should.  It is a great book and I can't wait to see the movie.  Thanks Auntie for letting me borrow the book!

I love reading my daily devotional.  I enjoy this quiet time in the morning.  It is brief, but important to me.  I get an email every morning from  I have been receiving the Girlfriends in God newsletter.  There are tons of different newsletters to choose from:  marriage, parenting and many more.  I'm so glad I heard about this newsletter via twitter!  You should check it out if you need a daily read.

Now I am heading outside to play baseball with Hayden.  He wants to hit the ball with his "strike bat."  Last time I threw the baseball to him I clocked him in the eye.  I wish I were joking.  I usually have terrible aim.  I can't believe I hit him with the ball.  Luckily it was a soft ball. 

Have a great day!


Molly said...

LOVE the new blog look, SO cute! The colors are wonderful.

Just finished The Help last week, I absolutely loved it, and cannot wait to see the movie. I've heard it's just as good, so I'm excited.

Our mattress is only 3 years old and it's a piece o' crap, now you've got me curious if we can have it replaced as well. I'm getting ready to google now :) Thanks, girl!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i get a daily devotion too...from proverbs 31 love love it...i'll have to sign up for yours too...can't have too many

as for chili...bring it on...i'm making 2 soups next or not..i ♥ fall

as for the arms falling asleep...OMG BRANDEN'S DOES THAT. maybe i can get a new mattress out of it...he had that one before we met...prob since college. he bleaches it from time to time...grosses me out....but it has a lovely mattress topper that is like a cloud on it...

Kelli said...

You guys have been together as along as me and'll be 15 years in November (married 9). Any anniversary plans? I'm ready for Fall and yummy, comforting Fall food too. And football :) Ooh, I hope you get a new mattress...I can't believe that his arm has been asleep like that. Strange. You must share a picture of the new are truly a soccer mom. My kids are tired too so I understand waiting on adding more to the schedule. The Help was SO good! I borrowed it too but I'm thinking about buying it.
Great picture of the kids :)

Kelli W said...

I only let my boys do one afterschool activity at a time. Between school work and church that is all we can manage! My boys are playing football right now, but I think they want to go back to tennis lessons when football is over:) I just put The Help on hold at our local library! I have been wanting to read it forever!

Katie said...

Yayyyyyy for your new dishwasher! Our first house was an old farm house on my grandparents farm & it didn't have a dishwasher. I felt like I won the lottery once we moved & I didn't have to wash everything by hand any more!

LOVE your new design!! Jenn did a fantastic job!

Love from Texas said...

I love Hayden in his little hat! He looks like such a big boy... And I can't remember if I've told you I love your new look yet??? I do! Makes me want one too... And congrats on your new dishwasher!

Jennifer said...

I have a million things to say-
First I had NO IDEA mattresses have a warranty but we have an amazing one and when it starts to wear I'm going to remember this.
That picture is precious and your children are BEAUTIFUL!!
September starts soup at our house too. Literally, I could eat soup every night and have a ton of CP recipes for it, so its quick and easy!
I used to read a devotional every morning but I've "fell off the wagon" so to speak :( I need to start back. "Me" time is SO important!
Oh and I LOVE the blog design!

L said...

I love the new blog look, you picked great colors and design! And Congrats on your new dryer, new appliances are so fun! My Mom is still loving her new dryer :) Also, THANK YOU for sharing the Crosswalk site, I had never heard of it and now I've already started reading, just what I was looking for/what I needed right now so I am so glad you passed it on. Oh and cornbread, chili and football, sign me up!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm late to the party on this post, but I wanted to commend you for holding off putting Layla back in gymnastics. As a dance teacher, I see exhausted, overscheduled kids all the time. Give her a couple weeks to adjust then try it again. Kids don't need to do everything, just find one or two things they love and do those things well! :)