Sunday, September 11, 2011

weekend update

This weekend was busy, fun, tiring and emotional for me.  To start off the weekend I helped host a baby shower for my friend Ashley.  Her sweet baby boy Judd will be born the end of October.  Me and a few other friends crashed Ashley's house for the weekend preparing for Saturday's shower.

Friday night we had a fun slumber party.  We worked into the wee morning hours preparing the cutest cuteness to honor Judd and Ashley.  

Saturday was very busy and fun.  I am so happy I was able to meet Ashley's family and friends.  Everyone was so sweet and nice.  Ashley, Aaron, Ava and Judd are so lucky to have so many amazing people in their lives.

Aren't these cupcakes the cutest ever?

And these cookies.  They were so good.  I couldn't stop eating them.

I am sad to say I didn't take all that many pictures of the shower.  I am happy Sarah did, and as soon as she posts them to her blog I will share the link with y'all.  You must see the cuteness.


Today, Sunday ...  we rested.  We played outside, grilled steaks and tried to relax.  
We watched football and ate candy corns.  

Speaking of candy corns.  One of my sweet friends brought a bag of candy corns to my door today.  It was a total surprise and I LOVED it.  I don't know if she reads my blog, but thank you Jessica!  You are so sweet and such a great friend.

Jessica was trying to cheer me up because I was very sad today.  My mom called me this morning to tell me her sweet dog Bella was taken from their backyard by a coyote.  My parents are devastated.  This is horrible and I am so sad.  I couldn't stop crying thinking about Bella's tragic death.  

I am so mad about this. I hate that this precious dog was in her yard minding her business and a coyote jumped the fence to grab her and take off with her.   I blame the drought.  I have said it a million times lately...we are thirsty. TEXAS NEEDS RAIN.  The wildlife in Texas is thirsty.  We need water so bad and I believe this happened because of the coyotes desperation.  It is just so sad.  It hurts my heart.  

And on that note I am off to bed.

Night Night!


Kelli said...

I'm so sorry about your mom's sweet dog. I saw that on Twitter, about how sad you are. That is very devastating and it does sound like the drought is playing a large part. We really need to pray for rain to head your way. On the upside looks like a very nice shower and I know your friend is very grateful. Mmmm...steak.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ohhhh man i am so sorry about ur mom's dog..:o(

as for the shower pics those were cute...can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

I read your post this morning before I headed to work and all I have thought about was your Moms "Bella". It hearts my heart too and I don't even no Bella or your mom. I hope happy memories will fill her thoughts and push out the bad.

The kids look super cute in their football gear!