Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Random Thoughts

 I feel like this week has been all about soccer.  We had soccer practice on Monday, a soccer game on Thursday night and tomorrow we have another game and pictures.  Tonight we had a family soccer practice in our backyard.  Soccer soccer soccer.  I love it, but it is consuming us. 

Layla is doing great playing soccer considering this is her first year.  She has REALLY changed since the girls' first game a few weeks ago.  I think aggressiveness will come for her.  Right now she is so kind hearted and doesn't "get" fighting for the ball.  I love watching the games and  I get so into them.  I do make myself sit in a chair and take pictures because if I didn't I'd be up running and cheering.  haha!
I don't want to embarrass Layla or myself.

Guess what happened at our house tonight???  IT RAINED!  We sat outside in the rain.  IT was amazing.  Then it started to rain harder and we headed inside, but OH!  I could just sing from the roof top praises to God for the rain!  It rained for almost an hour.


Friday nights in our house are so hard.  I guess the week finally catches up to all of us.  The hustle and bustle of the week makes my kids grouchy and irritable on Friday nights.   This afternoon and into the evening it was one melt down after another.  We usually keep Friday nights low key.

How are Friday nights in your house?  

Mr. Serious.  What is it about guys...they never smile in pictures?

Hayden is a mess.  For the longest time we weren't sure if he would ever talk, and now he never shuts up.  Tonight he was describing a friend of his to us.  

He said, "he had on a blue shirt and a fat head."  

I was shocked. Fat is not a word we use in our house.  I'm not sure where he heard it.  He asks what words mean all the time.  "Mommy, is stupid a bad word."  "Is seriously a bad word?"  It is never quiet here.  I think some of the words he uses he hears in movies.  But GET THIS...

Layla loves Junie B Jones books.  We read them every single night.  They are so cute, and I really enjoy them, but I usually wait until Hayden is in bed because Junie B talks trash. 

 The character, Junie B. says stupid and dumb so often in her books.  This is interesting to me because they are Kindergarten and First Grade books.  Layla knows the difference in good words and bad words.  She knows what she should and shouldn't say.  We don't allow her to say butt, stupid, dumb and other not so 'bad' words.  She knows this, but Hayden doesn't.  He repeats everything.  One of our house rules is...
If you don't understand a word ask what it means.  AND don't use the word if you don't 'get it'. period.  

Hayden is still learning this rule, but it is so hard.  

What words are off limits in your house?

This concludes my random thoughts for the night!  Have a great weekend!


LeAnna said...

First off, I love your new look! I have been reading through my feeder or something, because I missed the big change. Super cute!
Friday nights are usually just family time here, but I don't have school aged kids yet! I can see how they would have a hard time transisitioning from the business of the week to "chill "time.

We don't say a lot of the words you don't say, either. Q is just now getting into that repeat EVERYTHING he hears stage. Fun fun!

Traci said...

So glad to hear y'all got some rain. We're getting some too but we don't need it nearly as bad as y'all. Friday nights at our house are going out to dinner nights & that's about it. I think we're getting old.

Kelli W said...

Henry read a bunch of Junie B. books last year and he was constantly pointing out her grammatical errors to me. Like when she says runned instead of ran. It drove him crazy and I got tired of explaining it to him so we moved on to different books:) Friday are always a little crazy at our house too...and yeah kids' sports can take over your life! Our days are all about football right now!

Melissa said...

I always sensor Junie B books in class...I love her but I can't stand how she talks!! But she does get the kiddos laughing and that is what counts :)

Molly said...

Macie loves Junie B Jones books as well, and has quite a few of them. She too knows that she isn't allowed to say words like 'dumb, stupid, hate, sucks, etc....' The books are cute, and I think as long as the girls know the difference between good words and bad words, there's no harm. Addaline is the same way, she knows what she should and shouldn't say, but sometimes she slips up. It's definitely a learning process at that age!