Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BoosterThon 2012

This morning was Layla's Booster Thon at school.

What is a Booster Thon you ask?

The Booster Thon fun run is a healthy way to help school kids raise money for the school and children's education.    Relatives and friends can give pledges towards the number of laps students will run.

Volunteers mark the back of the kids shirts as they run each lap!

   It is such a fun day at school!

Layla loved it last year and she was all smiles again today as she ran!

The young guys in the red shirts sorta "Dj'd" while the kids were running and they were so funny!  They are really good at what they do.  There was fun loud music playing while the kids ran and sometimes the "guys in the red shirts" would have the kids walk, run or skip.  They made funny comments about the music.  It was a perfect day!

I got to walk part of the last lap of the run with Layla. She did a great job running a total of 32 laps!  I think she did good!  Now we have to pay up and all the money goes to the school!

Yay for Boosterthon 2012!


Kelli said...

What a fun event. I remember this from last year...that's a great way to raise money and keep kids active.

Traci said...

32 laps WOW!! That sounds like a lot! It looks like the weather was great too.