Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend getaway

If you follow me on Instagram (which I am loving right is like a breath of fresh air.) you have already seen most of these pictures.  Instagram is a fun photo editing app for the iPhone.  I might be just a little bit addicted to it.  You can edit pictures you have taken and it is a social network too because friends can follow you to see your pictures!

We went on a road trip this weekend.  

Gary had a meeting in Austin and I went with him.  We dropped the munchkins off at my parents house for the weekend and hit the road.

Friday night we had a chance to see some friends and visit over dinner and drinks.

Saturday we made a quick stop at the Outlet mall in Round Rock.  That was FUN!

In Austin we ate some delicious food.

This is a stuffed avocado and it was unbelievably delicious.  
It is one of the best things I have ever eaten. It was very rich and filling, but so amazing. 

These enchiladas were to die for.  They were filled with crab and shrimp.  
I will never forget the goodness of this food!!  It was fun to splurge for a few days and eat delicious food and drinks.

Eating this ice cream resulted in me using the hotel gym.  Gary and I ate the whole pint in 3.8 seconds.  It was by far the best ice cream I have ever had.  No kidding.  Or maybe it was so good because I have been staying away from sweets lately.

I did use the treadmill and now I know why people call it the dread mill.  Holy sore legs.  I rode the stationary bike and then decided to run a few miles.  Running kicked my rear.  Just a few short [18] years ago in high school I ran 8 miles a day training for cross country and track meets.  I would love to do that again, but after today I'm not so sure.  It was HARD!

I had a fun time tagging along with Gary, but I was also excited to get back home to see my peeps!

I missed them so much, but I am so thankful for a safe trip away.   I feel like such a better Momma when I get a break from the monotony!  Now I am refreshed and ready for the busy week ahead!

Happy Monday!


Kelli W said...

I saw all these on Instagram:) What a fun getaway! I need one right now!

Traci said...

Dean & I met in Austin! We haven't been back since we met but I keep telling him we should go for a long weekend.