Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine boxes!

It's that time of year again.  The kids need boxes for their Valentine's at school! 

 Each of my munchkins got a letter from school saying to bring a "shoe box" to school for their Valentine's parties.  Layla needed to decorate hers, but Hayden and his classmates decorated their boxes at a school.  

On Super Bowl Sunday we decorated cereal boxes!  We didn't have one single shoe box in our entire house.  Can you believe that?  Gary and I were trying to decide what we were going to do. I recommended going to purchase new shoes so we could have the boxes...heehee. 

Gary reminded me of one thing we did have...cereal boxes!

While Layla and Hayden were addressing their Valentine cards...

Gary was cutting a 'mail slot' in the cereal boxes!

After we cut the holes we wrapped the boxes in red paper.
(the kids picked out all the supplies during a trip to Hobby Lobby on Saturday.)

Then Gary tied a handle to the top of each box.  

We let the kids do the rest.

Layla stuck stickers all over her mail box.
She added ribbon to match the stickers, and then of course Hayden wanted ribbon to match Sissy's!

We had a fun time, and Layla took it very seriously!

I really wanted to help them place stickers and make their boxes more symmetrical, but I did good and gave them control of their own boxes...haha!

Hayden didn't really do much to his.  He was supposed to take his to school with no decor, but once he saw Layla using stickers he just had to have a few.  

I think their Valentine boxes turned out cute!

The good news is there isn't a huge hole in the boxes.  That means we have to help them get the goodies out of their boxes.  I'm hoping that helps with the sugar overdose that normally happens every Valentine's night!


Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

awww i love how G was involved.

thanks for reminding me...need to get on pinterest and come up with a cute valentine treat for kate's class...sniff sniff my last child in school to do valentines

Kelli W said...

Those are adorable! I LOVE the handle! We have to work on our boxes this week too. I got the boys' old ones out of the attic and the heat had made all the stickers fall I guess we are starting from scratch:)

Katie said...

How cute! I'm surprised Abby's class hasn't said anything about a box.

Traci said...

Valentine's is so much fun for kids! I remember making boxes for school & having a party.

Kelli said...

Those turned out so well. Layla's looks like a little suitcase.