Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day 2012

We had a fun and full day celebrating Valentine's Day today.

When we woke up the kids found their Valentine's at the breakfast bar.

7:00 am isn't too early for chocolates is it?

Let the sugar high begin!!

Layla got a beautiful silver and pink necklace and matching earrings from her daddy.

So sweet!  

While we were all eating chocolates I forgot to take the strawberry muffins out of the oven. 
I burned them.  Dern it.  We have strawberry muffins every Valentine's morning.

Layla ate the insides out of a few muffins and we continued eating chocolates!

I'm guilty of taking a bite out of each candy and putting it back if I don't like it.  

Good thing my family bought me a box all for my own!

Layla was finally all dressed and ready for school.  Today at school they had a Sock Hop and their class Valentine's party too.  It was a very busy afternoon! 

Sweet girls!

Layla received Valentine's from her friends PLUS tons of candy.

Hayden didn't want Layla to out do him, so he decided to eat more candy when she got home from school.

He always picks out the orange filled candies.  Good for him, they are his favorite!

Once I rested after the school party I was ready to prepare our dessert for after dinner.


We also dipped peanut butter filled Ritz crackers into the white chocolate coating too!

Oh boy!

Sprinkles make everything more festive right?!

Valentine's dessert just wouldn't be complete without heart shaped marshmallows.

I finished making desserts and popped them into the fridge to harden the white chocolate coating, and then I started dinner.

Dinner was homemade broccoli cheese soup....

smothering a baked potato.

It was so delicious.  It was really filling and quite wonderful.

Calorie counting isn't allowed on Valentine's day right?!  

Happy Valentine's Day!


Elaine said...

Post your soup recipe if you love it-pretty please :) The kiddos are precious and I love all the fun pics :)

Todd and Courtney said...

You have the cutest family ever! I feel like we'd be such good friends if we had ever moved there.

Heather said...

Wow, you had a yummy food filled day! My mouth is now watering and my tummy is growling. :)

Ashley said...

Oh wow you guys had such a fun time!! Can you redo this entire setup and have us over for dinner soon? I'm
Serious!! We need out of the house and we need some adult interaction- and good food:))) my mouth is watering at 3am. Love y'all to pieces!

beckylbranch said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great Valentines day and judging from the photos it LOOKS like it too! I love Gary's face eating that strawberry.....LOL! xoxo Becky

Traci said...

Looks like everyone had a good day. All the food is making me hungry!

Kelli said...

What a fun Valentine's Day. I love the picture of you eating the strawberry.