Friday, February 10, 2012

sweet little sickie

Hayden has had the sniffles and a little cough for a few days.  We didn't think too much of it because he normally has allergies.  I just assumed it was because our crazy Texas weather changes so quickly.  It's hot and cold and the wind blows around all kinds of allergens every time it shifts.

Not this time.

The poor guy woke up this morning very upset and told us his throat hurt.  He got so upset trying to drink his juice that he ended up having a horrible coughing fit.  I have never seen him like that.  It broke my heart and I knew immediately I should call the doctor.  I knew he would only get worse before the weekend even started.

I called our pediatrician and we were able to get in within the hour.

While we waited Hayden looked at the fish.  The fish are always a favorite part of the waiting room.

Even through he felt bad he tried to put on a smiley face.

After he got checked he got a breathing treatment.  He was breathing rapidly and that is when I knew it must be RSV.  He hasn't had RSV since he was 5 months old.  Poor little dude.

He also tested positive for strep throat.
This is a first for him.  Luckily his ears are clear and look just fine.

After getting his medicine from the pharmacy and grabbing a few groceries we were back home and ready for another breathing treatment.

Sweet little man.  He really feels much better after he gets his medicine.  He hasn't fought his breathing treatments at all.  It really opens his airways, so I think he likes it.  

I was a little worried about him this afternoon.  He has had plenty to drink, but nothing to eat all day long.  We asked him what he wanted for dinner and he requested a cheeseburger.  Gary was very happy to make him a burger.  Honestly I was worried he wouldn't be able to swallow, but he ate half a burger!

We also had sweet potato fries for dinner.  Gary and I were pleasantly surprised.  They were delicious!

For dessert the kids had Popsicles!

Then it was time for a warm bath and his fluffy warm bed.

Buzz Lightyear got one more breathing treatment for the day.

We are obviously laying low this weekend.  A big strong cold front is blowing in tonight so we will be staying home to heal and stay warm!  AND Mr. Weatherman mentioned snow Sunday night....we'll see!


Katie said...

Sorry he is sick but he looks adorable with his baseball hat on!

Love from Texas said...

He looks so sad :( Hope he starts feeling better soon. Knox has a nebulizer for asthma but he fights it so hard. I think because whenever he needs it he's already worked up from the asthma attack...

We LOVE sweet potato fries! I get the big bag from Costco and we have them more than regular ones.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

that's my reid...he started running a 102 on thurs...runny nose ....glossy eyes...took him to dr ear idea...still running 101-102...i can get it to go with motrin...then it wears off and fever back...i'm at my wits end..

top it off...lily has nasty cough now and runny nose (thankfully clear) but seriously's got to end

sorry H is sicky...his pop looked amazing though..i want one

Kelli said...

It is so hard when they are sick! We've been through treatments with Caleb and I'm always a mess. I'm glad you're little guy was able to eat (how could you not with that amazing looking burger!) Hope you got some snow!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

poor sweet boy :( hope he's feeling better now.

Traci said...

Poor baby! I know how he feels. I thought I may have had strep my throat was hurting so bad but it's a sinus & ear infection. Good times.