Thursday, July 12, 2012

7th birthday recap

Gary and I have planned the kids birthday parties up until this year.  We have always had a big bash the week between their actual birthdays.  It has been easy to celebrate both kids on the same day.  This year Layla didn't want a dual birthday, and I can't blame her!  We asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted and she said she really didn't want a party this year.  What?  She had a better plan!

She wanted to take a friend to Build a Bear for her birthday.  I think it sounded like a great plan and it's the best party favor a birthday party guest could ask for.  

This is how her 7th birthday played out....

Of course she had her traditional birthday cupcake for breakfast.   
She requested funfetti cupcakes with icing and sprinkles for her birthday cake.

7 candles.  gahhhh!  How is she 7 already?

Hayden was more than happy to help his Sissy eat cupcakes for breakfast.
[i promise he has shirts. it seems like lately i'm always posting shirtless pics of him. he likes to be shirt free in the summer.]

We opened gifts.

She loved her new {girly} Lego set.

The kids settled down for a Super Mario Kart marathon until it was time for Build a Bear.

Layla and I are all ready and about to head to Grapevine Mills Mall.  I am loving Layla's tiara.  She has worn that thing at least 4 years in a row on her birthday.  She loves it!

Sweet little ladies picking out their pups!

Layla shopped online in advance and knew EXACTLY what animal she wanted when she walked into Build a Bear.

Layla is giving Miss Sassy her first bath!

How cute are they??

I love the thought of a new animal being born and stuffed on Layla's 7th birthday.  These girls will remember their pets and this birthday for years to come.  I am thankful for all of Layla's sweet friends.  I know she wanted to invite them all to Build a Bear, but she understands how expensive that could have gotten.  She makes me proud every day and I am so thankful she is growing up into a sweet and thoughtful little girl.

After a pizza dinner, popcorn, M&M's and a movie we all fell into bed fast asleep and happy we had such a fun day celebrating Layla Kate!


Red Stethoscope said...

I love how girly and sweet she looks with her bright earrings and nail polish! Yay!

I was also wondering about how expensive a Build-a-Bear party would have been! (Future research for what I tell my kids they CAN'T It looks like she had a great time with her friend!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

such a special day. she seems like such a sweet girl! glad y'all had a good day together!

Kelli said...

What a great way to celebrate such a sweet girl. I love that she wanted to do something different!