Saturday, September 22, 2012

random randoms on Saturday

I was born a glass half full kinda gal.  I typically have good days, and I'm thankful for bad days because they remind me of how many good days I really have. {I heard this yesterday from my friend Becky. Thanks for those words lady, Love ya!}  

I let the stresses of moving to another state and selling our house get to me on Friday.  It was a day of me pouting and being sad.  By the evening I was better, but I was really grouchy about the whole mess of moving.

Hayden was adding to my frustration.  He has recently discovered changing outfits.  He changed clothes at least 12 times yesterday.  Each time he threw the clothes he wore [for 5 seconds] into the dirty clothes pile.  Um whaa??  Those are not dirty.  Stop making work for me BOY!  He is so funny.  He'd get all dressed up including wallet, watch and back pack. He would also try on a pair of shoes each time and guess who had to help him put them on.  Uh huh.  Me.  Each time he'd jump on his 4 wheeler out in the backyard.  I guess he needed to see how all his accessories felt in the real '4 wheeler' world.  Oh Lordy.  That boy makes me laugh, but he has a stinkin' temper.  If he can't get his shoe on in a timely fashion he f.auh.reaks OUT!

Layla decided yesterday over breakfast to tell me I don't play with her enough.  This was after she got a fun treat...she slept in my bed with me.  Let me just say...This NEVER happens.  I bet the kids have slept in my bed maybe 3 times in their entire lives.  I like my sleep...hahah!  Anyway, Layla thinks all I do all day long while she is at school is play with her brother non-stop.  She forgets about who washes her clothes and cleans the house so it is spotless for showings.  She forgets that I empty the dishwasher and put her clothes away. (which by the way she does if she is here)  Soooo...she kinda added to my bad mood yesterday.  I know she didn't mean to.  I am the only parent here 100% of the time, so I took her words to heart, when really I shouldn't have.  She also forgets that when she was 4 years old I "played" with her all the time,  just like I am doing with Hayden.  She had 3 long years of just mommy and daddy.

Ok, so look at this new product from Thirty-One.  I love it!  It is so amazing.  It is the new thermal zipper pouch.  I have LOVED this thing and it's only $15.  I always carry water in the Jeep with us because I'm not even joking, we get halfway out of the neighborhood and one of the kids decides they are dying of thirst.  Even though we just left home.  Anyway, I have been sliding this thermal zipper pouch into the fridge in the garage loaded with 4 bottles of water.  The water stays nice and cool in the pouch while we are out running errands.  When we get home I put it back into the fridge with fresh water. cool.  You need one of these!  

The September special is still going on.  You get 31 % off of most items in the fall catalog after you spend $31.  It's a great deal!  Let me know if you need something. I have a friend that needs a few more orders to complete her party.  I can add your order right on!

And now I am heading to the kitchen to warm up some cinnamon apples for these little people.  I got tons of apples last week from our co-op and I needed to use them.  I decided to make cinnamon apples in the slow cooker.  It was the highlights of my day yesterday.  The cinnamon apples turned out so delicious!  I'll have to write a recipe post for what I did.  I didn't really follow a recipe, I just threw a few things in the slow cooker and it turned out good.  

Have a great Saturday!

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Traci said...

Hope you have a better day today. I can't imagine how hard it is to get everything done by yourself. The apples sound really good!