Thursday, September 27, 2012

Telemarketers, food and T.P.

Our house is still for sale.  You wanna buy it?  Do you?  Do you?  Huh huh?  

It is showing well, but we haven't had 'that' family enter these doors just yet.  I know it is coming.  I can feel it.   One family loved our house, but wanted a 3 car garage.  Another family liked our house but want a bigger lot.  I'm just happy that we are getting positive feedback from our showings.  I'm almost certain that even though our house hasn't sold yet we will be moving soon anyway.  It is time.  We are ready to call the moving truck and see what happens from there.


I despise telemarketers.  I love to mess with them.  (Immature, much?)  I received a phone call earlier this morning.  It went like this. "Hello, Congratulations!!!  You and you family have been selected to receive a vacation package.  Please press 1...."   I hung up.  But yesterday I took a call from a man from Charter cable.  The kids were watching TV and I was playing around on pinterest, so I was mindlessly listening to him talk.  I told him we were paying way more for our cable than what we are.  He freaked out and told me how much money I could save.  He went through his whole script like a robot.  I felt bad for him, but I figured I'd listen and give him a few tips on how to sound more like a person and not like a robot.  He didn't appreciate my input.  He promptly hung up on me.  I seriously need to cancel my land line phone.  It is ridiculous.  And the political calls right now....ugh!   I'd like to voice my opinion to a few people when they call, but they are all recorded messages.  I find myself wanting to argue with their ridiculous ideas. 


I hope I never come across as one of those people who knows everything about everything.  I know a person who thinks they know it all.  They even know things about me that I don't know yet.  Ummm really?  I know this is totally vague and silly, but I really want to understand people.  I like to have a discussions with people about what is going on in life. I like to talk about something that happened to me and then talk about something that happened to them.  I like to compare notes and learn how I might deal with a situation later.  In discussing life I feel like I learn from my friends and family. These discussions leave me feeling good, like I learned something.  I don't know about you, but when someone talks AT me I don't get that warm fuzzy feeling.  Often times I just don't want to talk to that person anymore.  

Are you totally and completely confused?  I hope someone gets this jumbled mess of blah!!


I always have so many thoughts about things to blog about.  I have these wonderful ideas in my head and then I forget.  I have too much going on in by brain and stuff gets all jumbled.  Why am I so scatterbrained recently?  haha!  I  know it is more than recently, but I'm feeling extra jumbled lately.


I love food. I love taking pictures of food.   I know it is totally random, but it's fun and I love it!
Instagram makes playing with pictures of food even more fun.  

I actually just made this collage while watching Toy Story with Hayden.  I thought he was done with the Toy Story phase, but he asked to watch it this morning.  After he started watching it he had to go get all the characters from his room and line them up in the playroom.  

I realized just how similar we are as I sat here and lined my food pics up and made a collage.  We are both in our happy place.  


And that concludes one of the most random posts in 'Just Shy of a Y' history.  Although the post I asked you about toilet paper. That was a really random post.  Since I bought up the T.P. topic...

 What about you?  Do you put your T.P. on the roll over or under??


Vicki said...

This was such a fun post to read ... you may feel like its all over the place random but I just feel like I got to know you a little better! So fun! Random is good! :)

the underhill's said...

Girl, you crack me up! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose mind spins like crazy. I can say I have learned a lot from you my friend. Did you watch Dr. Oz yesterday? They talked about how 'over-sharing' is a big PLUS for our minds and health and very therapeutic. Go figure! :) As far as T.P.--I'm an over girl. <>

Elaine said...

random like a conversation with an old friend is real and good:) Getting rid of your land line is a must-did it months ago and am so glad! Food is good. Made peanut butter banana oatmeal bars from Pinterest this morning...yum. that is all the randomness i have, except over on the tp roll for sure.

Traci said...

I'm back at work today & feel like doing absolutely nothing but think about why I hate work. So, I'm attempting to catch up on my blog reading that I got so behind on because of work. I have no idea how the toilet paper goes. I stick it on the roll & however it is it is. I'm with you on the telemarketers. We have to keep a landline because cell coverage is sketchy in our subd. I pretty much never answer the phone unless I recognize the number. I love taking pics of food too. I was super excited when I saw that my new camera has a setting for food! I know people that think they know everything too. I'm trying to get away from them. Just like our friends that we went to Vegas with. We came home & her supposed best friend hasn't asked her one thing about the trip because she's so jealous that she went on a trip with someone other than her. PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!