Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's talk T.P.

Really, I haven't gone mad I just wanted to post something silly and fun!

Answer these three questions...

  • Question #1
Do you put T.P. on the roller OVER or UNDER?

  • Question #2

Fold or Wad?

  • Question #3
What kind of toilet paper do you use?


Isn't it great to talk about toilet paper.
Gary and I are embarrassed to say that we are great friends with a couple that puts the T.P. on the roller UNDER....oh the horror! FAIL epic FAIL!
It goes on OVER...end of discussion. Every time we are visiting their house I change the roll to OVER, and when they visit us they change it to UNDER. It is a huge debate between or families, and hopefully I can teach their children the proper way...LOL!

The couple mentioned above also came to my house wearing Vanilla Ice T-shirts.

The UNDER people

I personally wad...Gary folds...I don't have the time to fold. Gary on the other hand takes forever and is afraid of the punch through factor. So our family is divided on this one, and Layla only uses half a piece, so she hasn't decided on fold or wad yet. I keep telling her there isn't a shortage of T.P., but she doesn't get it.

We used to be a strait up Charmin family. That is all we would purchase. But while at Sam's Club about 9 months ago I decided to try the Member's Mark brand T.P..


pic found at samsclub.com

It doesn't clog the toilet and seems just as soft. Is it possible for T.P. to be too soft? To me Charmin was. We were at the grocery store and HAD to have T.P. and we bought Angel Soft. IT IS NOT SOFT. After many years of paying the high price for Charmin we switched. I can't believe I did. There are some things you just don't buy in the store brand, but we made the switch, and I just had to share with you so you can branch out too.

But, if you say you are an UNDER person...I don't know if we can be friends.


Kelli said...

LOL!!!!! I am an over person...I can't believe there are people who do under on purpose :) I fold and we use Target up & up brand.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Love it! We are: over, wad, Kirkland brand from Costco. I never used to think about over/under, but over, for sure, there is just no other way!!

Kelli W said...

We are over people here too...but my mom doesn't pay attention and does here under sometimes! I have to change it every other time that I go to her house:) We buy Charmin...but thanks for the info on the store brand! I may have to try that next time I'm at Sam's.

Emily said...

They seriously had Vanilla Ice tees...awesome!!!!! And I'm with you...over. Unless there's a toddler in the house that loves to mess w/ the tp roll...then it's under so it won't come unrolled that way!

schwadette said...

I'm an over person... wad.... not brand specific. Right now it's the Sam's Member Mark. Next week probably something else. I do HATE the walgreens 1000 sheet roll though - it's like sandpaper. It lasts forever but geesh... YUK!

Summer said...

Over...OF COURSE! It just doesn't make sense to go under...sheesh! haha...

I wad...serriously..who has time to fold?

I use Charmin or some other soft looking brand...doesn't really matter, as long as it's not cheap.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Always over!!! ALWAYS!

I haven't never thought about it but I think I'm a fold kind of girl, not a wad woman.

We use Angel Soft - we have a tricky plumbing system that really doesn't allow for lots of TP or other things to be flushed so we use the septic safe, even though we are on a sewer system in the city. (Our hours is OLD!!! And I believe the pipes are too).

Carrie said...

Oh dear...it looks like over is in charge here...so...can we still be friends if I say it's random here? gulp...haha! It's usually over...but for some reason Emily likes it under...so I don't even pay attention anymore :) And...wad...sometimes fold and I buy Charmin too! Too funny! I never really thought about it before now!

beka said...

Over. :)
Fold! What the heck! :D Of course, that might be influenced buy the huge factor that I'm not a mom? ;) hehe Not even married yet.
Good old Scott's. Ha. Wonderful budget-type family we have going on. On-sale stuff is the hot stuff we buy. ;)

lsnellings said...


I fold, I don't know about anyone else in the family!

And if it isn't Charmin, it isn't touching my butt!

Heather said...

oh lol!!! I honestly don't pay attention to which way I put it on!
ANd do I fold or wad, well I'm gonna let you guess on that!! :)
We use what's on sale!!

jules said...

Totally OVER! When my daughter comes over she puts in on under and I have to change it.

I have been scared to try the MM at Sams, now I am going to try it! Thanks

Cindy said...

Over all the way. It is so funny b/c when I go to someones house and I see that it is under I think, "Hmmm, so they are under people, now I understand."
Quilted Northern always and forever.

Unknown said...

We used Charmin for years.. after all dad used to work at Proctor and Gamble.. But the newer thicker versions clogged the toilet! We have been using Angel Soft for about 3 years now. Quilted Northern clogs our toilet too.. I don't have a Sam's Club card.

shortmama said...

Definitely over! We are Charmin or Quilted Northern people. I dont like regular Charmin though, I buy the one that is called strong or something...it is soft on the ol parts but sturdy so it doesnt rip up!

1 Funky Woman said...

Wow, well I've never been a conformist and it is still true with toilet paper. I am an under all the way kind of gal. If someone in my family puts it on over I gruff a little and turn it. I say under because then you have something to pull away from. It has always worked for me. I would also like to admit to wadding, fold, no thanks.

Who knew blogging would ever get to this level, lol!