Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh my word!

Do you guys read Becky's blog?
If you don' should!

Farmgirl Paints

Did you read this post about her word?
Well I did, and I wanted a word too!
I even commented on her post and said I was going do a post about my word. She saw my comment and came back to visit looking for my word. I'm so glad she did...she is inspiring like that. I may not have done it, but like to think I would have.
Anyway, Thanks Becky for the gentle shove!
It has taken me Ummm almost 7 days to post my word.
This was hard!
I challenge you too think of a word too!
My word.......FEEL.
Why 'Feel'??
This past year I have had a few challenges personally.
Don't we all?
I have been quick to whine and complain about the physical pain I have felt.
But that is getting better is helping that.
Hopefully soon, I will feel no pain.
When I touch my kids I will feel their soft skin.
I will feel the hugs I receive from my family and friends. I will stop and feel them. REALLY feel them and know they are special.
When I touch my dogs I will feel the fur on their backs...I will feel the softness and cherish those feelings because the pups are getting old.
When I cook a meal I will feel the food I cook for my family. I will feel the spoon stirring the soup...placing cookies on the cookie sheet to be baked.
Feel the keyboard under my fingers as I type the words on my blog*, journaling our lives. Feel the laundry as I fold it, feel the wood as I dust the furniture, feel the bed sheets clean and fresh as they touch my body when I ly on them at night, feel the fire in the fireplace as it warms my body, feel the hug I give Layla as she starts her 1st day of kindergarten, feel the tears as I wipe them from Hayden's face as he picks himself up from yet another clumsy fall. comes from my heart.
I will feel with my heart this year, and take it all in. So many times we get in a rut and just do the day to day tasks and don't stop to feel. So not only will I touch my family, I will feel them. Feel the love, happiness, sadness, anger or whatever emotion it may be between us.
*This is my 500th post!
I can't believe that when I started this {online scrapbook} July 24, 2007, that I would post over 500 times. And to think that it all started with a potty training post with Layla staring through the doors of Dora's magical castle.
What is your word?
(and what is it with the spacing on this post? you'd think after all this time I could figure it out!)


Kelli W said...

I love your word! It isn't cheesy at all...I can tell you really mean it! I haven't thought of a word for myself, but I have seen a few other blog friends who have. Congrats on 500 posts!!

Kelli said...

I LOVE your word! I love what you had to say about your word and I pray that it brings you great joy. My word...focus! I'm glad you participated.

Farmgirl Paints said...

First of all congrats on your 500 posts. That is something to be so proud of!!!

I love your word FEEL, to me it's similar to being "present". You are making an effort to really pay attention to those things around you that you might have just taken for granted before. Love it!

May this year be one of many blessings for both of us. Oh and thanks for the shout out:)

LeAnna said...

Great word, we'll be praying it happens sooner than you think!
Love Becky's blog, she's a sweetheart!

shortmama said...

Love this word! Perfect!

jules said...

I love Becky's blog. She is one of my favorites.

Congrats on your 500th post!!

Diana Ferguson said...

Your word choice is great!! Congrats on 500!

I am glad you are "feeling" better!

Kelli said...

I gave you an award to (hopefully) brighten your day.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I saw your link on Lemonade Makin Mama and wanted to say hello. Congratulations on your 500th post, that is fantastic!!
I follow Farmgirl Paints word for this year is "released". I've written about it on my blog, would love to have you visit.
And here's a shout out to the Longhorns!! We're far from Texas, but we're fans.
Have a great day!! Erin from

JennyMac said...

Feel is an awesome word to pick!!!