Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new Tony Lama's

The four of us went on an adventure this afternoon to Justin, TX.
We went cowboy boot shopping. I have been wanting boots FOREVER!

I finally got me a pair...I'm a true Texas girl now! Teehee!
As if I wasn't before...but I can't tell you how excited I am for spring and summer.
Cowboy boots look so cute with dresses, skirts and shorts.
I have to work on breaking them in. And look at how cute they are with the detail and leopard print on the inside!! I'm so happy! How funny that a pair of boots makes my day?!
We found a pair for Gary and his birthday is January hopefully the kids and I can get them for him before then. They are so cool and totally 'HIM'
We aren't western/country, people, but the boots we found him are his style.
Now we are gonna have a big bowl of stew and watch the Dallas Cowboys play football. I have been cooking a low cal stew all afternoon in the slow cooker.
It is smelling so nice. I can't wait to dig in.
Layla didn't have a nap tonight so both kids will be in bed by 7:15pm and Gary and I can hang out and watch The Boys!
I'm hoping they beat some Eagle booty again this week!!


jules said...

Oh my goodness those are adorable!

Carrie said...

Those are so CUTE! I would love a pair of boots too...they will look perfect for the Spring! I love them! Enjoy your stew...sounds delicious! I love making things in the crock pot...but makes me hungry all day!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I went to a museum here in Texas and learned all about them boots! I'm still not "true" I don't have boots!

shortmama said...

Love the boots!!!! Cowboys are kicking booty!

LeAnna said...

Those are ADORABLE! I have a pair of Justins, and I love them. I've never been "cowgirl" in style at all but I do love my boots. I find myself grabbing them over other shoes as often as possible! Once they break in they are sooo comfy.

Tiffany said...

Sweet boots, I've been trying to find a cute pair of new boots!!! Thanks for the link to Crystal, we ended up using her, and I feel in love with her and her work, thanks so much for posting a link about her!!!

Heather said...

These are so cute! I want a pair of cowboy boots, but am clueless on them. I have no idea what brand is good and what's not, what style to look for, what's hip and just straight up not hideous. These will look so cute with skirts and jeans and anything. Good for you!

lsnellings said...

Cute boots!

Kelli said...

And they did beat some Eagle booty! Wow (even though Ron wasn't happy...sorry). I love those boots and I'm not usually a cowboy boot fan. Those are caute.

schwadette said...

LOVE your boots! I got my first paper of kickers for Mother's Day last year... and LOVE them!!! Would love to get another pair... hmmmm.....