Thursday, January 14, 2010

Couch potato...nahhh

My little guy has NEVER been a T.V. baby.

Layla loved watching T.V. shows at his age...and WAY before.

Hayden could care less.

Until now.

He finally likes to watch this Baby Einstein video. It is all about animals.

He'll bring it to me or Layla and say "eehhh!!" I guess that means watch. Then he'll grab his blanket and snuggle up.

And this will last for 10minutes. Then he is off playing again.

Maybe someday he will watch T.V., but for I'm happy with the little busy boy I have.

He sleeps really good at night, and so do I!!


Kelli said...

He's so sweet!

Kelli W said...

So cute! Henry is not a big tv watcher...but Grant could sit and watch tv for hours! I'm not sure about Eli yet...he still a little young to tell!

lsnellings said...

My girls love the tv...way too much. Sometimes I just want to get rid of it so it isn't even an option! But unfortunately I love tv too much too to do that!

Cindy said...

Boys can really be movers and shakers. Drew will sit when it is something he really likes, Max and Ruby or Scooby. Otherwise he's busy running too. He has just gotten into playing games on the comp and will sit there for a long time.

Emily said...

Ha! That's soo funny. How old is he? I think eventually all males develop a love for TV.

shortmama said...

My youngest is just starting to notice the tv a little but the only show she will actually sit and watch is Sid the Science Kid! Any other show she really could care less about, and I only turn the TV on at certain times of the day and in short bursts anyway because otherwise I get annoyed listening to it all LOL