Monday, January 11, 2010

Eyes where?

Layla was being a sassy little lady the other day.
She was picking on Hayden, and took a toy right out of his hands.
My back was to her and I said, "I see what you just did!!"
She said, "How could you see that, your face was turned."
I said, " I have eyes in the back of my head."

I laughed at her, and she got a confused look on her face and vanished.

When she returned she showed me that she too has eyes in the back of her head!


Kelli W said...

Cute! I think eyes in the back of you head just come with being a mom! I can almost always tell when my boys are doing something that they shouldn't!

Kelli said...

That's funny. One day when she's a mom and too will have eyes in the back of her head.

Carrie said...

So funny! Kids seem to make those situations so much funnier! She's one smart cookie :)

LeAnna said...

LOL! Very cute!

Emily said...

So funny!