Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a puppy check-up and pizza night

Daisy Mae is a legal Ohio dog.  She visited the vet today!  She is all set on shots for another year.  Next stop is the groomer.  Poor pup.  She hasn't been groomed since we moved here.  She looks like a furry mess.

The kids had a fun time listening to the veterinarian talk about Daisy and her health.  They were so cute listening closely and watching her get an exam.  Daisy was great until the doctor tried to look at her hiney area.  Daisy didn't want anyone in her business.   The kids giggled like crazy and the doctor laughed when Daisy gave her a warning growl.

We had create your own pizza night!  The kids think it is big fun to make their own designs with pizza toppings.  I enjoyed topping my pizza with tons of artichoke hearts and black olives.  Gary covered his pizza in jalapenos.  I don't know how he even ate it without his eyes watering.  The man likes things spicy!

And now I am going to snuggle with my fur-ball and watch last nights series finale of Private Practice.  I am so sad it is over forever. Sob Sob sigh.  It is one of my favorite shows.


Katie said...

I've struggled with private practice because some episodes I didn't like but I was enjoying this season and am sad it's over!

Kelli W said...

I love the idea of make your own pizza! We did that when were camping once and we cooked them on the grill:) What kind of crust do you use?

docksidelove said...

Personal pizzas are so fun for kids to make! I need to do that with the kiddos. I sometimes use naan bread for the crust instead!! You should try that!