Monday, January 14, 2013

we gotta take the bad with the good

I posted yesterday about how much we are loving our new town here in Ohio.  It seems like everything is really great here and mostly things are great, but I'm not a fan of this house.

It seems like every single day something new breaks or messes up.

The day we moved in there was no gas, so we couldn't use the heater for 4 days.  Finally the gas was turned on, but the heater still wouldn't work.  A coworker of Gary's came to fix it and finally we had heat in our new rent house.  For one week.  Then the heater went out again.  And it got fixed for a few days and then it was messed up again.  It was cold for this Texas girl, but we discovered space heaters and since the heater was fixed the last time we are good. (knock on wood)

The sink in the kids bathroom wouldn't drain for the first week we lived here.  The dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes very well.  The oven stopped working and I almost passed out as gas was pouring from it.  The toilets makes weird noises when we flush them, as if they are gurgling into the bathroom sinks.  The fridge had water leaking from underneath it.  Both of the kids ceiling fans are jacked up and they are loud and awkward.  The kitchen is missing trim between the cabinet and the counter tops. The heating system is zoned heating and we still don't know which thermostats control what heaters.  Tonight some crazy funky methane smell was coming from the bathroom.  I give up!

So, while some things are going great, other things are going haywire!  And you know me.  I am real.  I'm not posting this to complain, I am to the point where I just have to laugh it off.  I do realize it is all part of the plan.  I am okay with all these things knowing this rent house is temporary.  I do good as long as I don't let my mind wonder too much.  What if our house in Texas doesn't sell?  I don't want to own two homes.  What if we have to live here in this house longer?

What if?

What if?

See.  I just can't {what if} myself to death.  I am the kind of person who thrives off of the positives.  I must stay positive and know that it will all work out the way it is supposed to!  Gary and I have always done great in every situation thrown our way.  This one is no different.

For now I will enjoy our friends, neighbors and the beautiful scenery and try not to dwell on the house worries I have.

And I'll be spending every waking moment driving around looking at houses to purchase and searching!!  :)


Heather said...

Dang! Sounds like that house needs all new plumbing & pipes! Glad to hear you are adjusting otherwise!

Karen At Home Blog said...

Bummer! Sorry your house is a thorn in your side bit at least it's only a rental! Girl, we built our home 5 years ago and I am still addicted to There is just something fun and exciting about looking at homes for sale. Enjoy the hunt and hope the perfect home for your family goes on the market!

docksidelove said...

Oh man.. that's a lot going on :( And you totally don't sound like you are complaining so don't worry. Rentals are a pain in the butt sometimes. Have you had any luck looking for a new house? I hope the Texas house hurries up and sells already!!