Monday, January 7, 2013

monday mumbles

I love picking this little guy up from school. Every day he has a new story to share.


Today he told me he wanted to play with one of his friends after school.  He gave me his friends name and told me he lived in a house a few streets over and even told me the boys house was made of rock.  Once we got home he asked when we were leaving to go to the play date.  I think since he and his friend talked about playing he really thought they would.  Bless him!

We went into a furniture store tonight and Layla fell in love with this bed.  It is pretty cool.  You can chose the color bed you want. (the purple you see can be purple, pink or lime green)  It is full size bed and of course you can team it up with whatever comforter you'd like.  It would work great with her current bedroom set.  It was actually my set from when I was a little girl.  This bed would be great for her and it would coordinate with her dresser and chest of drawers.  Maybe just maybe when we move into our new home we can get it for her.  She'd love a bigger tween sized bed!  {she does have many years before she is a tween!!}

Gary and I have a fun date of watching the BCS championship football game tonight.  Whoo hoo!


Heather Fox said...

I am glad that someone else's kid makes plans and expects them to happen. Especially when you first move somewhere and haven't met any of the kids let alone the parents. I am pretty sure I talk Elizabeth out of at least one play date a day. Ha ha I always feel like such a downer!

That bed is ridiculously cute!

Traci said...

That bed is so cute! Perfect for a little girl & she can totally grow into it too!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about my daughter's day at school too :) That bed is awesome, we are in the process of sanding/painting a larger bed for our daughter (she's turning 12 soon).

Happy New Year,