Thursday, January 10, 2013

lack of sleep and food

For some reason I had a horrible night of sleep last night.  I woke up at 3:45 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I tossed and turned and drove myself crazy.  I just knew I'd fall asleep within an hour.  I read some online on my iPhone.  I checked twitter.  I had all sorts of irrational random thoughts.  I worried about our house in Texas.  I worried about our oven here not working.  I was a sleepy drowsy mess, but couldn't fall back to sleep.  Finally at 6:00 am Gary asked me what in the world was going on.  I told him I had been awake too long and I was losing my mind and then I promptly fell sound asleep until 8:00 am.

I am back on the grapefruit bandwagon.  I love them and try to eat one a day.  Why are called grapefruit?  Grapes are tiny.  Grapefruit is huge.  I will never understand why it's called a grapefruit.  Maybe I'll google grapefruit.   These are the things a sleep deprived person think about when they are sleepy.  Can you even imagine how I acted when I had newborn babes?  I am the kind of person who must have sleep.  I need my sleep to function properly.  When I had the kids I was a walking zombie making bad decisions for months.  haha!

I am on a soup kick.  Poor Gary.  One night this week we had chicken tortilla soup.  Last night I made a new recipe.  It is stuffed bell pepper soup.  I also bought ingredients for potato and ham soup and beef stew.  I think it is a way to keep me warm.

The stuffed bell pepper soup was really good.  I attached a link to the recipe I used. (scroll down past the oriental salad.) I changed the recipe a bit.  I used extra brown rice.  It says to use 2/3 cup and I used a whole cup.  I like rice y'all.  Also I used rotel and skipped the tomato paste; I didn't have any.  I doubled the red pepper flakes because the kids weren't eating this soup with us.  I let it simmer for close to 2 hours.  It was better than the stuffed peppers I make.  Next time I make it we will have croissants with it.  It was amazing!

This little man is a handful lately.  He is really changing into a little man.  He thinks it is funny to talk about inappropriate things like poop.  Man it drives me crazy.  I had to get onto him twice today for talking potty talk.  He has had a play date two days in a row with his girlfriend, our neighbor.  The get along so great and reference each other as boyfriend/girlfriend.  Layla thinks boys are gross, so Hayden is fast. I can't believe he has a girlfriend already. haha!

Tomorrow is a big day at school for him.  If he can zip his coat and write his name he gets to join the Zipper Club.  I love his preschool.  The ladies have been teaching kids for YEARS.  They are the sweetest ladies and I am thankful we found his school.  I just know he will be ready for kindergarten this coming fall.  I can't believe he is growing so fast, but each phase of life for us just gets better and better!

Since I am on a soup kick, leave me soup recipes if you have them!

Night night!


Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful when you find a Great pre-school!!

As for soup recipes, I've tried making my own soups, but they never taste like I'd hoped haha!

Hopefully your brain lets you get some sleep!

Alli said...

I loooove soup. Can eat it in the hottest part of the TX summer. I love broccoli cheese soup. Have an awesome, easy recipe for that if you want it. It calls for mexican velveeta. I also love potato soup, baked potato soup, corn chowder, taco soup. Just don't give me chicken noodle or tomato. :) And Joshua is into poop talk too. He has to pay us a quarter whenever he says it. It's been working!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So sorry you are sleep deprived. I am right there with you. My 5 month old doesn't like sleep. I also LOVE soup!!! Last February I had a Soup Linky, here is the post with my Baked Potato Soup & tons of other linked up recipes!
I am going to have another Soup Recipe this February...stay tuned!!

Kelli said...

It is a soupy time of year! All of those sound so yummy and comforting right now. I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend. Yay Hayden for zipping his coat...I love when they accomplish things :)