Thursday, January 24, 2013

snow day!

This morning when I woke up I had a missed call from the school.  I listened to the message, but there wasn't one.  I knew today must be a snow day, but I had to flip on the TV to be sure.

Layla was expecting a 2 hour delay, but instead we had a full blown snow day.  The snow was so pretty and white and powdery.  I swept the back stairs and the snow just flew right off the steps.  It wasn't good 'snowman' snow, but it was still awesome and fun snow!

Our street is so pretty covered in snow!

The kids sadly said goodbye to daddy as he headed off to work and we proceeded to have a pajama day!  Layla begged daddy to stay home, but the roads really weren't that bad.

I love a good snow day here and there, but my kids drove me to drink whiskey today.  They are precious and sweet, but holy moly they fight and argue like crazy.   They were full of wild energy and once when they were running in the house Hayden fell and bruised up his legs.  Layla hugged me and knocked me over in the kitchen.  It was a wild afternoon and the witching hour that used to be fierce when Layla was three and Hayden was a newborn...well that was back today.  It was wild and caused me some major scary flashbacks.

Oh don't let this picture fool you.  They look so sweet and peaceful, but they didn't sleep a wink.  They were jumping on my bed just a few seconds prior to me taking this picture.  I wouldn't trade these wild monkeys for the world though.  I'll just have an other cocktail. haha!

We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Oh me oh my!  I'd love to spend another day with these kids, but I really need the mommy lunch I have planned.  So ...  let the snow fall right after I finish my lunch!


Jenn with Munchkin Land Designs said...

I love reading about your transition to becoming snow bunnies. ;) You make me appreciate the beauty of snow that I take for granted.

Karen At Home Blog said...

Your neighborhood is so pretty and the snow makes it look like a postcard! I just love all the older homes with porches. Hope you have a better day and are able to squeeze in that lunch!

Traci said...

Everytime I see these pictures I just can't imagine what it must be like to get that much snow. It's so pretty!

Kelli W said...

All that snow is so pretty! I remember the witching hour too well! With the older two in school and Eli in preschool two days a week, we don't experience it much it the homework hour:)

docksidelove said...

Sometimes snow days are fun - but you are totally right - they can also totally push you to the brink!!
The snow definitely looks pretty though :)

Jillian said...

From Texas to snow land:) we don't even have snow here:( kinda jealous!