Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a picture is worth a thousand words

This picture tells an amazing story.  It is a wonderful peek into our summer mornings.

*I am sitting on the porch with my camera in my hand, in my gown drinking coffee with Daisy on my lap.

*Layla is filling Lily's pool with water while still wearing her pajamas.  Her hair is all scraggly and her face still shows fresh lines from her bed sheets.

*Lily is one happy dog.  She is part lab and we all know labs love water.  The dog goes bonkers when the hose is turned on.  She bites and scratches and drinks the water all at the same time.  This $10 pool was the best purchase yet!

*Hayden was cuddled up on his porch chair with a pillow, but he decided to go check out the situation.   He grabbed the first pair of shoes he could find and they are dads shoes.  He was clomping around like a boss.

 We love to be outdoors.  When the kids are home they are playing outside.  I haven't set up the DVD player or Wii yet since we moved.  Hayden lost his iPod touch, so he doesn't play it.  Layla is using her iPod touch mostly for music.  They don't really seem to care about electronics right now and I am okay with it.  I'm happy they love it here in our new yard.    

The yard comes with challenges.  Hayden will pick up any bug he finds.  He was playing with a bee the other day and he killed it with a stick.  He wanted to show Layla the 'dead' bee, and he lost it and then stepped on it.  It stung him.  Poor little guy, but he learned a lesson.  

Before we could get some of the brush and shrubs cleaned out Layla and Gary got poison oak.  Both kids were eaten by mosquitoes.  I was too.  We've seen spiders and all kinds of creatures.

But the yard also has amazing moments.

We've watched deer play in the morning.  We watch squirrels play all day and the kids have named them.  We think we saw a bunny rabbit.  It's like animal kingdom around here and there is never a dull moment.  

I hope one day the kids look back at this picture and remember what a fun memories we made in our little farmhouse!

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