Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my birthday recap

I had a great time celebrating me yesterday.  I turned 37 and it was a fun day!

My morning started with me having a cup of coffee on the porch in my gown.  Layla made me wear the birthday tiara she wears every single year.  I felt honored to share in her tradition.  I also held the birthday grey Schnauzer.  I'm not sure what the purpose of that was, but I played along as the kids sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

I had a fun birthday breakfast with one of my best friends.  I ate eggs, bacon and my favorite hash-browns.  I love hash-browns.  I'm a sucker for a shredded potato.

We had pedicures too.

We had frozen yogurt and it was delicious.

I had cheesecake yogurt with Oreo cookie crumbles and a few drizzles of strawberry puree.  Our dining experience at the yogurt shop was interesting.  They had a fun display of interesting decorations.  Hayden broke the very chair he was sitting in.  I'm not sure how it happened.  The treats were yummy though and that is all that mattered.

Layla was thrilled to be with her sweet friend when she got her ears pierced.  
Samantha was so brave.

Hayden tried on these hilarious patriotic glasses while we waited.

We went purse shopping and I didn't find a purse, but the shopping was fun.  I'm pretty sure I don't know what kind of purse I wanted.  It looked and looked, but nothing stood out to me.  I've been carrying a black purse and I just want something more summer-ish.

I snuggled on the porch with Layla under blankets because the wind shifted and it cooled down for the evening.  We googled gummy worms, bears, sharks, ladybugs, and the like.  I'm not sure why, but we were looking for any animal that was in gummy candy form.  Did you know they make gummy lobsters.  We were being silly laughing and watching Hayden and Lily play in the yard.  They were chasing each other and Hayden was chopping pieces of bark with a lawn tool.

Anyway...I'm not sure why, but those are the silly things I wanted to document.  Life whether simple or fancy needs to be remembered!

Finally Gary got home from a 3 day work trip. The kids crawled into bed and Gary and I got some time to catch up.  We have been so busy lately with moving and the end of school, it's been wild!  It was nice to hang out and plan our next few weeks.  We are looking forward to a fun summer with the kids!  It seems like my birthday kicks off the official start to summer for our family.


Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration! That yogurt looks mighty delicious...I'll have to try that combo. Glad you're settling in well :)

Traci said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a good day. Froyo is my favorite thing right now!