Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's feeling more like home around here

As you know, our summer started off with us moving and all being sick.  

I don't know what sickness we have, but Gary and Layla started it, and I have it bad.  I have coughed so much I'm sore, and my eyes are so itchy.  It's like allergies and a sinus infection all rolled into one horrible sickness.  As a mom I don't really get sick days, so I've had to just keep on keeping on.  (I know you are sick of me talking about being sick, but hey, I'm just keeping it real around here!) 

Finally Layla said, "I'm ready for summer to be fun!"  Well, excuse me if being sick and moving isn't fun...haha! Bless her heart!  I felt so bad for her, so I took the kids shopping.  We bought a pool and some outside toys and they each got swim suits.  We got groceries and curtains for the new house.  We did it all in a day and today we were set!  

We ate all the fruit we could get our hands on today.  The kids were thrilled to have a house full of food.  We have been eating out so much since the move and even before while packing.  It is great to feel like we have an almost normal house again.  

I still have plenty of unpacking and organizing to do, but I'm getting there.  We are all just happy to have clean clothes.  I got so behind on laundry.  I did a million loads today and I didn't even mind.  It was great to get it done.  Between loads I watched the kids play in the pool.  

Since I had some down time I tried to beat level 65 of Candy Crush.  Seriously.  I have been on this level for weeks.  I'm about ready to delete the app from my iPhone.  I haven't had much time to play it lately, so I'm thinking I'll conquer it soon since I

I love summer.  I love being at home with the kids.  I want to do fun things with them and let them try a few camps, but mostly I just want to hang out with no set schedule.  I love getting up and having coffee on the porch while they play.  We all enjoy watching Lily run like a wild puppy around the yard.  

I can't explain how we all feel so much more at home in our new space.  We all needed room to roam and play outside.  I'm thankful for us finding a new home.  It isn't our forever home, or even our dream home, but we are feeling at "HOME." 

And now I am taking my coughing self to be to win Candy Crush!  haha! Good Night!

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Joy@WDDCH said...

I had a cough like that once (while pregnant, ugh!) and it took awhile to clear up. Hated that. I so hope you feel better very, very soon!

I'm stuck at level 110 on Candy Crush I think. I get stuck a lot. Then I think the game takes pity on me and gives me good candies and I just win. I HATE IT when I go to swipe a candy one way for the win but it goes the OTHER WAY and I lose! GAH!!!