Saturday, June 29, 2013

our week in review ... otherwise known as the longest post ever

This last full week in June has been busy for us!  It has been packed with fun activities and late bedtimes all week.  I can't believe this week got away from me when it comes to posting our memories to the blog.  I am thankful for a quiet Saturday night at home with the kids so I can update!

Monday we took the kids to see Monsters University.  It was a cute movie and I'm glad Gary got to go with us.  The kids were so excited to have daddy at the movies!

Tuesday Gary left early in the morning for Austria.  He had a dealer event in Austria and I have to say I am a little jealous of his over seas adventure.  I don't think the airplane ride is anything to be envious of, but all the fun food and drinks look amazing!

Layla was trying to see if she could fit her little body into his suit case!

The pups watched daddy drive away and I couldn't help but capture the cute moment!

Tuesday afternoon was full of fun in the sun.  We knew the rest of the week would be full of thunderstorms, so we decided to have fun while the sun was here!

We looked over at Hayden and he was meditating.  We all just laughed so hard.  He is so funny and we found out he learned about meditating from a TV show.

The kids were all posing and this reminded me of Charlie's Angels!

The clouds rolled in on Wednesday so we all decided to grab lunch after Zumba class and then hit the bowling alley.

Mrs. Erin treated the kids to a Hershey bar, and Hayden stopped to pose with his.  Gotta love the cool bowling shoes!

Meanwhile in Austria Gary kept texting me photos of himself all week.  It looked like he had an amazing time!

I am quite jealous of this beer fountain.  Pretty cool huh?

Today's picture was the best of the best...this is the golf course he played!

It looks like a postcard!

We kinda had a post card moment here on Friday evening while eating dinner out with friends.

We saw an entire rainbow!  It was gorgeous and if you look closely you can see a faint trace of the double rainbow!

Today we swam with friends and splashed and played in the pool.

Hayden has been nervous and cautious so far this summer.  Today he busted out of his shell and had an awesome time swimming.  He was jumping into the pool and swimming like the fish he was at the end of last summer!

I am thankful Gary is coming home tomorrow.  Summer days get busy and long and I really enjoy having a break from the kids.  I enjoy chatting with Gary after we put the kids to bed.  When Gary travels in the states I get to talk to him multiple times a day, but with the time difference of 6 hours in Austria I haven't talked to him much.  We miss him BIG!  

How was your week?


Katie said...

What a fun week! And seriously that golf course with the mountains in the background - gorgeous!

Traci said...

Looks like Gary is having an amazing trip! The rainbow pics are so pretty. Hayden meditating is hilarious!