Friday, July 12, 2013

The Wilds

We went to a fun zoo-type park called The Wilds.  It was so cool!  I absolutely loved it possibly more than the kids.

We went with 3 other families and that made it even more fun! We looked like a charter school...we had tons of kids running around!  We rode on an open air bus and the weather was perfect.  The breeze was even cool at times and it was mostly cloudy!  

Our tour guide did a great job in my opinion.  She told us a little about each animal we saw in the park. 

I think the kids had tons of fun!  Layla said the only way it could have been better was if she could have pet some animals. 

The camels were so weird but so cool! 

The crazy camel was making all kinds of funny faces and moving his lips around showing his teeth. It was grossly interesting! Ha!

This strange dude needs a haircut! 

The giraffes were so awesome!  They were one of my favorite animals there. 

There were three adults and one baby. 

We watched the ostriches. Our tour guide made is giggle when she told us stories about how ostriches are not very smart!

The scenery was breathtaking.  I love beautiful landscapes and as you can tell I was in picture taking heaven. I think I took at least 100 pictures.

I loved seeing the curiosity on the kids faces. They really listened and learned about all the animals! 

The deer decorate themselves with grass to make them appealing to the lady deer.  We actually got to see one in action.

He would move his horns down into the grass and toss the grass and dirt onto his back making himself 'handsome.'

We laughed as we watched! It was really cool to see.  We heard the story of why they do it, but to actually see them decorating themselves was greatness!

We also watched a few zip-liners. There was an awesome zip-line course.  I would be way to chicken to try it, but it looks fun from far away!

There are also cool cabins upon this little hill.  I'd love to stay there for a weekend as long as the animals don't come visit me. 

We had a fun day with friends and I can definitely see us going back to visit the animals again some day.  The kids want to take their daddy! 

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