Monday, July 15, 2013

More beach fun and pizza night

Ahhhh!  I love waking up to this view!

The kids slept in until almost 9:30 this morning.  They woke up and had sweets for breakfast.  While Gary and I had coffee from our Keurig (yes we decided to travel with it) Hayden ate zebra cakes and Layla ate chocolate chip cookies.  Hey Jack, we're on vacation!!

We picked out and rented our spot for the week!  I just love it!

I just love my little surfer dude.

The kids loved high tide because it was fun to watch the waves wreck their creations.  They weren't a fan of the huge waves knocking them down though.

The waves were incredible. 

These three are my whole heart.  All is good with my world when we are all together.  Family vacations just the four of us are so important to Gary and I.  We enjoy just hanging out and relaxing as a family with no worries!

And then the cartwheels started!

It was awesome!

I think this is my favorite picture I have taken so far.  I will forever remember the awesome conversations and relaxation Gary and I felt while watching our kids play in the sand.

Today after our beach time and a quick dip in the pool we decided to visit a really cool Italian food restaurant. It was rated my Golf Digest magazine as one of best!  It's called Benito's BrickOven.  We all shared fried calamari and the kids got a pizza with black olives and pepperoni and Gary and I got a chicken parmigiana pizza.  It was amazing! 

We brought pizza home to the resort for a beach picnic tomorrow.

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