Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just another Summer Sunday

Today was a nice day here at home with the family.  

Gary got up this morning and mowed the yard and I did laundry and a little bit of cleaning.  While mowing Gary added a putting green to part of our yard.  

Gary and Hayden played golf right here in our yard all afternoon.  

Layla and I loved watching them, and Layla joined in too.

I sat and took tons of pictures today.  I have an addiction.  I guess I could be addicted to worse things huh?!?

We ended the evening with a bonfire.  

For some reason I got chilly as the evening went on.  It was about 73 degrees and I wouldn't call that hot by any means, but certainly not cold.  I guess the breeze got me.  I had to get my snuggie and cuddle up!  This is certainly a summer like no other for the Sipes family!  We are loving this Ohio weather.  I hope your Sunday was grand!

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